Tips to Avoid Blunders for Perfect Wedding Look

Wedding is supposed to be the biggest event of everyone’s life. Wedding day comes with lot of joy, excitement, curiosity and a bit stress. Person plan his whole life for his big day. There is lot of pre-planning done before this big day to come.

This includes budgeting, theme finalizing, wedding dress, venue and so many other things. Wedding look is considered to be the most difficult or confusing thing to decide. As your look represent your entire personality. The best look gives you more confidence, which you needed on your big day.

But our over excitement resultant in so many blunders. This may include not getting the perfect makeup as you think of or may be some dress draw falls. Lack of preparations or planning may causes some small hiccups that have flow-on effect on your wedding day. But don’t get panic or confused as you are not the first forks to get married, millions of people married before you. You just need to follow some tips to avoid these type of blunders and get your perfect big day look as you planned or desired.

Waxing and facial before big day:

Waxing and facial sometimes become the reason of blemish and redness on your skin, to avoid these kind of things it’s good to wax your body and facial at least 4 to 5 days before your big day. Because after waxing and facial pores get opened and if you apply any makeup or any other thing may causes pimples. Pimple may leave but its scare not. You definitely don’t want any scare on your body. So it’s better to do all these things before 4 to 5 days to avoid any possible reaction.

Drink proper amount of water:

Useful tips to have a Clean and Glowing skinWater is the best way to make your skin glow. If you don’t drink proper amount of water on daily basis it may resultant in dulling your hair and skin. Even if you are using so many beauty products inner glow is essential. And the only natural way to get it is to drink water. 8 glasses of water daily as it flushes out the toxins from your body. And if you don’t drink proper amount of water then toxins makes their way to out through our pores and leaves blemishes skin.

Workout on your posture:

Sweat It Out With An Evening Workout Before SleepWorking on your posture is very important. This big day and its excitement come only once in life. Lots of eyes and cameras are on you. You have to give your best pose to look perfectly beautiful. If you are thin you need to practice in front of mirror to set the posture which gives you more curve and shape to your body and if you are healthy you need to select a posture which gives you much slimmer look. Before your big day decide which posture is perfect for you.

Avoid having over-dramatic makeup look:

Extra makeup gives you more dramatic look, which is not good. As you look more matured and sharp. It better to get a look which gives you more soften and cute look. Avoid dark color combination. If eyes are dark then apply light colored lipstick and if you love to wear red or maroon colors lipstick then go for light eyes to develop a balance in your overall look.

Be confident about your look: Having a confident on your-self and on your look is compulsory. First you should consider yourself the most beautiful among all others then other sees you in a same way. If you have low morale, even other says you look beautiful but it doesn’t going to work, as you have so many complexes about your look. As many times you look into the mirror you morale goes down every time. So the most important thing is to have confidence on your-self.

Consider full body makeup:

The biggest mistake brides made is not focusing on other parts of their body. They pay full attention to their faces, tons of makeup they worn on their faces and badly avoid all other body parts. Mainly feet’s and arms are exposed and when they don’t apply makeup on them it looks fade then the face. So it’s good and compulsory to apply body shimmer or body blusher to make your body look even toned.

Over-dieting: Everyone get excited when it comes to wedding. To whom who have fat body wants to look smart and to look smart they look for instant diet plans. These instant diet plans sometime causes some health problems. Leaving empty stomach for hours just to get the perfect results is not a way to get slimmer. Be confident about your body shape. Do diet but don’t follow extreme diet plans.

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