This Summer Go with Traditional Trendy Khussa

This summer, we turn our heads towards the conventional and traditional khussa shoes for ladies. For most South Asian girls, Khussa shoe is a commonly favorite item to buy. They come in all shapes and sizes and are heftily colorful. That is why they can’t ever grow out of fashion. The vibrant and traditional embroidery over the shoes have caught attention even from the foreigners that visit our country.

Many designers and artists have inspired their artful work with these colorful and preppy shoes, flaunting their collection for summers. This summer we suggest that you follow your urban style and give it a little edge with a traditional Khussa to wear.

It’s simple, elegant and undoubtedly beautiful and the best part is that they can go with any style of outfit you choose to wear. Be it a completely western outlook with a jean and top or a full traditional kameez with tights and a long dupatta; a pair of khussa matching your dress would look exquisite.


A Khussa more commonly known as majori in India is a known South Asian Favorite footwear. Mojari are made by artisans mostly using vegetable-tanned leather. The uppers are made of one piece of leather or textile embroidered and embellished with brass nails, cowry shells, mirrors, bells and ceramic beads.

The more modern form is dying the leather with different and lasting bright colors or a cover of velvet or neon color textile with a little lining of golden and silver tilla. Even the bonding from the upper to the sole is done by cotton thread that is not only eco-friendly but also enmeshes the leather fibers with great strength. Some product range also uses bright and ornate threads.

Khussa trends 2014

In Ancient times, a pair of khussa was a fashionable accessory for royalty. Kings and Queens of South Asia would wear such shoes and they evolved with time into trendy wearables even for today. The production of these heavily embroidered juttis is very old. In those times, these juttis were embroidered with real gold and silver threads and decorated with precious gems and pearls. But, with the passage of time, these were replaced by artificial materials, beads, bells etc.

Such shoes reflect the culture and ethnicity of our region and are admired world over. The ethnicity of the traditional skills accentuate into poetry when intermingled with the contemporary colors and designs. Appliqué in form of differently designed figures are cut out of leather and sewn on the vamp manually. Since these products are hand crafted, they hold a great deal of value for the customers.

trendy khussa

Each pair is uniquely styled and is given a beautiful traditional frame. Some khussas are completely plain which can be worn with any attire, others are more decoratively embellished with laces and threds. But whatever the style maybe these little things look great with both traditional and contemporary styles. These are a symbol of Pakistani heritage and are a fashion plus for you to have.

Indulge yourself this summer with a little tradition in fashion and match your outfits with khussa shoes.

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