The White Shirt: Reinventing A Classic Statement For Spring

White color is considered as the universal color, the symbol of peace, calming and soothing. One will always feel at ease with the white color and the best part about white color is that it always stays in fashion. Fashion trends change unlike another. One minute there is one trend and other minute there is some other trend but that’s not the case with the color white.

You can wear white color in every season and on every occasion and to get your own style you may add a few touches of your combine white with some other colors and there you are done. The best part these days is having a good looking white shirt is that it is the classic trend for spring this year. The combination of white shirt with black is on its peak.

Well not only black you can combine a white shirt with every color and that is the best part that there are no limitations and no restrictions for your creativity. So let us talk about the white shirt: reinventing a classic statement for spring as it is the most popular thing in the fashion world this year.

There are many ways you can wear the white shirts this spring and here is how you can pull this off.

  • Since White is the color which reflects the light the most, it is a perfect choice for the casual day wear.

  • Combining white shirt with a pair of jeans normal or torn is a pretty common way. You can try it but it will better if you tried something new other than just a plain old pair of blue jeans. That’s pretty much old now.

  • Even if you do want to wear a pair of jeans with your white shirt then it would be good if avoided the regular light blue and torn one. Dark blue shade or grey or even blackish jeans will do the trick.

  • You can also go all white with a hint of black combining your white shirt with your white denim and give some hints of black such as wearing a black belt, shades and sandals with your full white look. You can also add a black leather handbag as a complimenting accessory.

  • Speaking of leather you can get a pair of leather pants with your white shirt and some high heel leather boots to give you a hot look.

  • To achieve a little more stylish look, you can pull a black jacket on as well along with your white shirt and leather pants.

  • Black jacket, white shirt can also be paired with a pair of jeans with a darker shade of blue.

  • You can get a super model look if you pair up your white shirt with a long black skirt; add a black hat, a small handbag preferably black and some black footwear because this is what some super models wore on the ramps this season.

  • Black is not the only color which you can pair up your white shirt with. You can also add light colors as well like baby pink. You will get a nice elegant look with a white shirt and a long baby pink skirt.

  • Not only plain skirts but you can also wear a printed or may be floral ones with your white shirt and a few other combinations like a leather skirt of a dark color, or may lacey ones.

The above points were just some ideas how you can wear the white shirts and make it a style statement. Now let us tell you about some brand new styled white shirts which you will love to have while trying to get the above mentioned looks because this year there some pretty unique styled white shirt were seen on the ramps.

  • The one hot and stylish white which was seen on the ramps this was the one white sheer sleeve panels. Combining it with a black lace skirt of will give you a look which will make you the center of attention.

  • Laser cut sleeves on white shirts were also seen on the ramps combined with bright colored skirts.

  • Another unique styled white shirt which was seen on the ramp was indeed unique. The double layered style white shirt. This is something brand new and gave a new look the classic white shirts. It is definitely eye catching and you will love it if you try it on.

  • Adding some of the shine to the white shirt, white shirts with a line of delicate and shining beads placed along the button lines were seen on the ramps as well which gives a simple yet stylish look. Those who don’t want to expose the body with sheer or laser panel white shirts can go for this.

This wraps up our piece on the classic white shirts and its trend for this season. It would give you a general idea about the new style of white shirts and how to wear and carry these styles.

White colored shirts are always classic addition to your wardrobe and stays in fashion no matter what the occasion. It never goes out of trend and never will. This spring it’s all about white shirts. So today’s topic is The White Shirt: Reinventing a

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