The Ultimate Fall Nail Polish Guide

Season changed. Nail paints trends changed. Summer has gone. Welcome new hot trends of cool weather. Fall has brought abundant of new nail polish trends that are really inspiring. In plethora of nail paints, it is difficult to decide what nail color to choose for paint your nails.

For solving your problem, we have formulated an ultimate guide of nail polishes so that you can enjoy cold winter season fullest. Array of fall shades came with shimmer, shine and spark. You will find shimmer and shiny touch in all shades for fall. Fall is all about metallic shimmery nails. From jewel tone to soft shimmery touch, here is everything in fall nail polish trends that will help you in getting stunning and marvelous hands. 

Textured Nails:

Textured nail paints are huge in trend. This trend has been on the top choice of most of the people for a long time. The trend of texture nail paint shades is increasingly gaining fame with addition of many novel factors such as caviar, sugar coats, fuzzy finish and ornate glitters. You must give this hot shiny red shade a try to add some warmth in this otherwise cool weather.


This fall make your nails hot and trendy with shiny nail paint hue oxblood. Allow your nails to indulge in pure luxury shades of red and instantly grab the attention. The vibrant and bright shade of oxblood can be easily distinguished by human eye with shimmery touch. Add the factor of glam into your personality with sophisticated and elegant oxblood shade. If you don’t want to go with these textured designs then go for polka dots that is more subtle option. 

Pretty Neutral Shades:

For more impactful look, go for naked neutral shade. Nude shades are perfect for more subtle look. The nude shades go with everything and are so chic. This shade fits like gloves for all chic ladies with minimalist taste. With flawless natural shades sustain your ultra modern feel and get elegantly beautiful nails. To maximize your overall looks, wear prettiest neutral and natural shades with flawless and natural makeup. 

Holographic Nail Polish:

Holographic effect on nails is in vogue. Holographic effect is really a fun as it is color shifting shade. The color shifting effect is because of beautiful combination of classical basic color with metallic holographic finish. Give your nails sophisticated and chic look by experimenting with the dash of classical precious metallic shinier shades that will appear in other shade as it catch the light when you move your hands.

Versatile Shade of Green: (Hunter Green)

The shades of green have been in trend for many years. This time go for new and versatile shade of green which is hunter green. Choose hunter green hue and get crisp green nails that will go perfect for your simple and glamorous party look. Make your nails look great and get a chic and trendy nails. 

Shiny Gun Metal Shades:

Accent your nails gun metal shades. Add instant sophisticated touch to your nails with combination of silver, golden or bronze with holographic nail paints. Gun metal nail colors will maintain right balance between bold hues and holographic effect. Be versatile and embrace new pretty and unique balance of prettiest shades to add more glam to your nails.

Welcome the cold season with new hotter trends. Sophisticated, elegant and prettiest nail paint shades are a huge trend with the variation in weather. Embrace the new nail paint trends. You will surely love new shades of fall.. From wide range of fall col

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