The Romance of Dupatta

Be it Lata Mangeshkar singing, “hawa main urta jay mera laal dupatta malmal ka” or dusky damsel  Priyanka Chopra fluttering her sheer aanchal in “Laal Dupatta urr gaya ray mera hawa kay jhonkay say” No one can deny the romantic effects of Dupatta when its colors ripple and flutter with breeze under the shades of purple clouds.

Oh! the breathtaking moment when two dark kohl laden eyes shyly peep out of silver kinaris of her bridal Dupatta and blink flirtatiously with a child like innocence on the wedding night.  The feminine ethereal beauty when hidden beneath the sheer goldenish hue of Dupatta is extremely irresistible for men; the bitter sweet charm of Dupatta makes butterflies flutter in their belly. This is the reason why directors, writers and singers are using this timeless object in their works for centuries.

Dupatta is ubiquitous, it knows no hierarchy, no class for women of all ages, class and status wear it, Princess wear it so does a housemaid, Dancing girls use it for alluring men while women cover themselves with it during prayers. Where it is a symbol of seduction and romance, it’s also a symbol of honor, respect and modesty.

From loosely woven cotton to finest muslins of delicate chiffons to shimmering silks, Dupattas are made using intricate weaving and coloring methods, such as Ikats, jamawars, jamdanis and embroidered with silks of many different hues and gold and silver threads, gota, beads, sequins, shells, spangles and many more. They are prepared in myriads of yummy colors using tie and dye methods to become ‘chunna hua dupatta’

Today Dupatta has becomes more of a style statement as it completes the outfit and enhances the beauty of attire. Fashion designers focus more on Dupatta in adorning them with embellished borders and fancy details. These days long Dupattas of delicate chiffons and silks are a hit for they look extremely graceful and classic.

Dupatta, the feminine trademark of eastern culture will continue to woo people with its enchanting effects; poets will keep on creating images of fluttering dupattas under the shades of summer trees for the romance of Dupatta is truly undeniable as Faiz Ahmed Faiz beautifully expresses it in this little verse, “Un ka aancal hai kay rukhsar ka perahen hay, kuch to hay jis say hoi jaatee hai chilman rangeen”


No one can deny the romantic effects of Dupatta when its colors ripple and flutter with breeze under the shades of purple clouds.

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