The Right Tunic for you

Many of the women have no idea about it that what is a tunic. It is actually a type of a top but the style is totally different. It is a very versatile one and because of this fact almost everyone has it in her wardrobe. It is a long lose type shirt and length of the tunics depends according to its style. There are many styles of tunic available but the thing which matters a lot is that which one is the right tunic for you and for that you have to consider many aspects.

The tunics are available in every design and lengths, so woman according to their age wear them, yet it is very comfortable. Tunic is one of the clothes that are designed for everyone, the woman with all types of body can easily wear them but the right tunic for you would be according to the body shape. You could only get right tunic for you if you what design of tunic suites you best.

There are just two types of tunics one is the tunic dresses and other is tunic shirts. The difference in between them is the lengths. In Pakistan they are made up of material like silks, net, cottons and linens. Moreover, the tunic shirt varies it can be short medium or even long. Actually the longer one is just till thighs. The tunic dresses come in lengths till the knees; they look more elegant and make you look very different. Tunic dresses are very lightweight and easy to carry. The tunics available in Pakistan have a collar on them but collar can be managed according to the neckline but mostly they are seen in ruffled or V-neck collars. Nowadays, you can even embellish the collars of the tunics according to your own choice.

The right tunic for you is according to your body shape, women get attracted from the colors and designs and buy them but while buying they don’t realize that they should also consider their body type.

So the right tunic for you for the ladies who have fat belly’s so ladies you should be wearing those tunics which are larger and are having a loose cut so that you can hide your tummy in it. Whenever you go for the tunic shopping keep that in mind that you find tunics which have stretchy waist.  Don’t ever buy the one which have embellishments on the pocket side or on the side of the waist. These embellishments will highlight your parts which you are trying to hide.

Woman’s who have bulky thighs and hips the right tunic for you would be that has an A line shape. You should get those tunics which have full lengths. You should look for those one which have hemline. This type of tunic will enhance your beautiful features and hide which one you are trying to hide. Always try to get geometrical patterns.

The right tunic for you is not very difficult to find so for them who have an hourglass body type, they should show out their features instead of hide them. You can also go for A line shape it will suit you. This shape will make your body look in a proportion. You should go for the necklines which have a simple V or slit with the collar. An interesting thing is that woman you can get those tunics which have embroidery or embellishment on the neck area to enhance that area. 

Women who have straight figures also want to know what type of tunic suits them, so the right tunic for you is the one which has three dimensional embellishments. Material such as jersey or linen is the best option for them.

To wear the tunic is also the trick so women, you should wear it with leggings to balance it out. Older woman’s can also wear it with skinny jeans but don’t wear it with baggy pants. The right tunic for you is when you wear it with proper accessorizes so wear something heavy in the neck to balance the look.

The right tunic for you is the one which makes you look beautiful and hides your imperfections. Now days every types of tunics are available even you can get it made on your own.

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