The Rapunzel Braid

When the name of Rapunzel comes to mind, the first thing that strikes us is her gorgeous super long hair. Isn’t it so? The seventy feet long and blonde hair is what Rapunzel is known for. The stunning heroin of the movie “Tangled” is renowned and among the favorites Disney princesses of most of the girls. Is she yours favorite also?

The entire movie revolves around the longest hair of Disney princess Rapunzel. Do you know that Tangled is one of top super hit movies that is renowned by the longer hair and prettiest braided hairstyle of Rapunzel?

She wore her flawless hair into a beautiful whimsical braid in the movie so that no one could stand up on her seventy feet longer hair. That braid really looks awesome. Every girl wants to have braid like Rapunzel, despite of what length of hair she has.

You might be wished to make the captivating Rapunzel’s braid. Rapunzel braid is most suitable hairstyle for longer hair and easy to do but you can make it on medium length hair also. Make Rapunzel’s braid in really simplest way.

repunzel braid

Here is guide formulated for Rapunzel’s braid lovers. Follow some simple steps to make gorgeously pretty braid exactly like your favorite Rapunzel. Go step by step and get a perfect pretty Rapunzel’s braid. 

  • Brush your hair. 

  • Divide your hair into two portions by partitioning from center. 

  • Start by making micro braids. Do remember to make micro braids first. To make micro braids, take small sections of hair near the bottom of center partition. Divide it into three sections and start regular three strands braids.

  • Start by making a part on one side at the top of the head. Take a large section from one side on front top of the head above the ear. Start a French braid on one side of head by taking three large sections.

  • Add hair from below the braid. Braid a little way down on one side by adding the hair below the braid and add temporary elastic. Repeat the same procedure on the other side and cross both braids in the middle.

  • Now join both braids together at the back of the head and secure it with elastic band.

  • Then divide the hair into three sections and start your regular three strands braid

  • Secure your braid with elastic band at the end.

  • Now take the micro braids and cross it all over the regular braid. Secure it also at the end with regular braid. 

  • To give exactly Rapunzel look, accessorize it with beautiful flowers and ribbons. It will look really gorgeous and marvelous. Strategically add flowers throughout the braid to add even more fun in your braid. You can choose the flowers match to your dress color. You can embellish your braid as much as you want.

  • Now you are ready to rock the world by the magical Rapunzel braid. The magic of your marvelous braid will make you a super star like Rapunzel.

  • No one is perfect. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t succeed in getting perfect Rapunzel’s braid. Practice will make your perfect. Keep trying. You will surely make a perfect braid soon after practicing.

Rapunzel, the name of Disney princess, is a familiar name. Rapunzel is renowned for her seventy feet blonde hair and marvelous stylish braid in Tangled. Tangled makes every girl wish to have a braid like her.

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