The Hairstyle That Can Subtract Years

Hair style ideas are for those ladies who are on a lookout to bring back their youthful look and get the gist of their prime years back.

Ladies, some of you might not be aware of the power of a new hair-do or a little bit of tweaking with the existing one that magically takes off years of your age. If you are young and look older and are old but want to look young, you are the one who will make the most use of hair style tips. Apart from grooming your personality – which is a must do – you might want to tug and nip your hair for your make over.

Let us get started and see what options you have.

The first of the hair style tips is to get a new cut. If you have long but dead hair with split ends and visible damage, you are in a dire need of a good hair cut. If you have too long hair that is difficult to carry, shorten your hair a handful or two. This will give your hair a new life. And of course, no one denies the importance of regular oiling and cleaning of hair. Given you do all of this, you can make use of the following hair styles.

1. Braided hair style ideas:

Braided hair styles look cute, no wait, very cute. There are so many types of hair styles that you can make with braids such as:

Simple Braid:

This is one of the braids we all have been making since childhood. It makes you look younger and fresh. Brush your hair and make a neat braid on one side. If you wish, you can frame your face with a few front and side bangs.

French Braid:

French braid is an advanced stage of simple braid that is made with 5 hair strands.

Fish Bone Tail Braid:

It is made with two big hair strands woven together with tiny strands from both sides.

Dutch Braid:

It is a very cute hair-style that is made with 4 strands.

2. Front Poof & Double Poof:

Hair style tips cannot be complete without the front poof hair-do. You make this simple but dandy hair-style by poofing-up your crown hair. This is a girlish hairstyle which you can try even if you are in your late thirties and early forties.

3. High Pony Tail:

A dandy, smart and simple hairstyle that can bring back your youth in a matter of few minutes. Among other things, what sets ladies apart from young girls is their hairstyle. Older ladies tend to make a bun of their hair mostly but the younger girls like to experiment with one thing or another. You too can experiment with one of this simple hair style ideas and substract years from your age.

You might not have heard of such a thing known has the new or appropriate hair cut that has the magical power of subtracting years from your age and transforming you into the youthful swan that you once were. Hair style ideas tell you exactly what you nee

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