The 3 Gutsiest Celeb Hair Color Chameleons

Most celebrities surprise us enchantingly by changing hair color with a new different look. Some celebrities are daring to switch their hair color with time. The variation in hair color helps them in high interest towards their looks and grab attention of their fans all over the world. Sometimes it is the demand of role and character that actors or actresses have to play in any drama or movie to change the hair color.

But most of Hollywood stars are gusty and hair color chameleons whotend to change hair color according to their complexion. If natural hair color does not suit their image, they change the color. Some celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ema Stone and many others have been the champoon hair color chameleons. You can see different hair colors of these celebs at different events and programs.

The fashion icons celebrities spot latest trends in everything from dresses, makeup to hair color. Here you will find three gutsiest and daring celebrities hair color chameleons that tend to change hair color with changing fashion. 

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is one of hair color chameleons and has changed her hair color more than most. She has been dying her hair since she was fifteen. With raven hair, blue eyes, porcelain skin and fair complexion,she has maintained her quirky showbiz image. This showbiz image makes her look more glamorous celebrity both on and off stage.

Do you know that light blonde is the natural hair color of Katy Perry? She has made transition in hair color from red to blonde which she is naturally. Recently she was spotted in pink and lavender hair hue. She is daring enough to change her hair color that has changed from raven to red and now to blonde. To match her hair color, she also tints her eye brows to the same color. Let see, how long her current hair color go.



Rihanna has been turning heads of people with her versatile looks and ever changing hair styles through her different hair colors. Rihanna is the Barbados born singer who is known for her versatility and is never afraid to change her looks and style by varying hair colors.

She has rocked every hair color ranging from red and ombre to frosty grey and platinum blonde. Different hair colors of Rihanna are the expression of her individuality, versatility and self expression as a renowned singer.


Drew Barrymore:

Drew Barrymore is the chameleon who describes her individuality by changing her hair colors. Drew Barrymore has been changing her hair color since she was of fourteen. Her natural hair color is brown but she is spontaneous, fanciful and playful from her childhood. The best thing is that whatever hair color she adopts, perfectly complements her peaches and creamy complexion and hazel eyes.

She can pull off any hair hue. In fact her hair colors are one of additions in her cosmetic line and beauty regimen. She has changed a number of hair colors from brunette, ombre and red to blonde over the course of her career. What a dramatic change she brings in her looks and beauty by changing her hair colors.


Celebrities often surprise their fans with their new looks. Celebrities love to change their looks sometimes because of demand of role while sometime they do so as to express their individuality.

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