Taking Care of Toddler Nails

Cleanliness is very essential not only for you but for you child as well. If you want your child remain healthy than you must take care of everything related to your child. Toddlers have a habit of putting everything in their mouth to taste and some toddlers suck their thumb and fingers in certain circumstances. Big nails have germs in them so sucking thumb or fingers can make your child ill.

So to prevent your child from illness or any kind of disease, you should take great care of your toddler’s nail and trim them regularly to make them germs free.

No doubt, clipping nails of a toddler is a little bit nerve racking for you but not for toddler. It might be a challenge for you to cut the nails of such a small baby who even can’t tell you that you are clipping his skin too with his nails. You need to be very careful in this aspect.

Moreover, it is tough for you to sit still keeping your child’s hand and foot steady to avoid any cut from nail clipper or scissors. But for your child’s better health, you need to take care of his nails. Dirty nails trap dirt easily and long nails could result in scratches for your child. Here’s how to take care of toddler nails.

• Check under nails regularly

If your toddler’s nails are short then don’t think that they are dirt free. Short nails of toddler can also accumulate germs and dirt in them. Gunk gets stuck in them that can affect your child’s health. To avoid the dirt and germs, try to wash hands of your toddler at bedtime daily as it can remove most of the dirt. You can also use a rounded wooden toothpick or a scrubbing brush to remove the dirt from the nails of toddler.

• Lead the way

It is fact that small children or toddlers are more fearful of the things they are not familiar with. Nail clipper can frightened toddler when he see it in your hand and coming towards him. So casually take out the nail clippers to use on and made your child familiar of it so that he may no feel fear when he see it in your hand.

• Avoid scissors

As scissors have sharp points that can hurt your child while trimming his nails so you should avoid sharp pointed scissors. Scissors with round edges are best for nail trimming of the toddler. They minimize the risk of hurting your child. To take care of your toddler nails, you need to trim them gently.

• Soften them up

Water can soften up the nails which let them trim easily. Before trimming, try to soften the nails of toddler by pouring 1 tsp of baby shampoo in warm water and mix the water thoroughly. Now soak your toddlers feet in that water for at least 5 minutes. This tip will help you in trimming nails of your baby without splitting.

• Don’t get impatient

Never become impatient in your child’s matter. Try to accomplish every task (of your child) with patience and ease. Same is in the case of nail care of toddler. It is not compulsory to finish all the trimming of ten fingers and ten toes in one sitting. If your toddler is stubborn or not let you trim his nails all at once than don’t be impatient!

You can trim the remaining at some other time or even the next day. There is no hard and fast rule for trimming all the nails in one time.

Above mentioned tips can help you to make your toddler healthier by keeping his nails clean and trimmed.

Want to prevent your child’s nail from cracking and splitting? Then you must take care of toddler nails and trim them often to prevent your baby from bacteria accumulating underneath their nails.

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