Take Good Care Of yourself (Part 2)

By taking good care of yourself means, keeping an eye open in every way. At every aspect of your personality, hair, body, skin etc. when we talk about the skin care then probably the first thing which comes in our mind is, Protection.
        Protection simply means ‘safe your skin’ from the harmful elements. Those can make your skin complexion dull, can reduce the brightness your natural moisturizing layer of the skin, can leave dark stains on your skin and can put you in the troubles like pimples, etc.   
             These elements can be dust & pollution (particularly smoke, which is really very harmful for your internal health also), and Sun rays. Sun rays are very dangerous for your skin. Direct Ultra violet sun rays can destroy your natural protective skin layer. As hole in the Ozone layer has make the sun rays very destructive in many senses. So, in order to protect yourself from all these harsh fundamentals, you need to stay away from them. This really requires your little concentration in this busy era but not it is difficult to do.
              Avoid sun rays as much as you can, for doing this always use some type of sun screen lotion or cream before going out. In this way you will have an extra protective layer on your skin. Do not look on the sun directly in any case. Cover your hair and face in case of sudden smoke and dust.
Well people feel free to walk in the sun, believe me it’s good for your bones, as sun is one of the biggest sources of vitamin D but it is not good for your face. So, try to keep your back while walking in the sun light. 
            Last but not least, all beauticians and health care experts suggest that drinking plenty of water is the biggest source of making your skin glowing and fresh.


Protection simply means safe your skin from the harmful elements.

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