Sweat Proof DIY Beauty Hacks

Summer is already here with its full bling and we are all getting ready to face the tantrums of the hot season. While there are many other things associated with summer, sweating is the most terrible issue among all.

The conditions turn out really bad when the sweat hits your face making you look oily and unrest. Whether you want to look fresh at workplace or want to look at your best for a beach party, you must stay away from face sweating.

The unwanted sweat will turn your perfect makeup into a big disappointment. Don’t get your summer fun wrecked up due to this undesirable face sweating and beat the fret with some great tips.

Deal with the excess shine

washing face in summer

Excessive sweat on face can cause unwanted oiliness and excessive shine on your face, making it look dull. Deal with this shine by changing your skincare products in summers. If you are using rich milky face wash and heavy face creams, it’s time to swap them with a light foaming gel and an oil-free moisturizer that also contains SPF 15 or SPF 30. For an instant shine-free look, always carry a good compact powder for midday touch-ups, especially the T-zone. You can use blotting papers to reduce oil from the center of the face.

Lighten it up

skin care in summer

Go light and easy with your makeup choices to deal with face sweating issue. While a light lotion is an ideal choice to maintain skin hydration, you should also follow the same while choosing the foundation. Ditch the thick foundations in summers and give up your thick textured lipsticks.

Opt for a branded foundation that gives you sheer natural coverage with a light weight texture. Apply foundation with a light hand and always remember, the more you layer up with foundation, the worse your face sweating will turn out. Mineral-based and matte powder foundations are an ideal choice to avoid the makeup meltdown in summer.

Primer is great

primer for makeup

To beat the makeup meltdown, face primer is surely your best friend. Always apply a little amount of primer all over your face before applying the foundation. Primer will help you in reducing the appearance of pores on your skin and will also hold your foundation to last longer.

For the best results, you should use primer along with the moisturizer to save your skin from getting dried. For a quick day-out look, you can skip the foundation and primer and can go easy with a BB cream with SPF. The all-in-one BB and CC creams work great in summers with a dab of compact powder.

Love your eyes

waterproof makeup pics

Wrong selection of eye pencils, kajals and eye liners can ruin your look. Usually, face sweating hurts the eye makeup most, as the scattered patches of eye pencil or liner will darken up your eye area, making you look tired and messed up. Especially in summer, invest in some good quality waterproof eye makeup.

The selection of waterproof eye pencil, mascara and eyeliners will help in preventing your eye makeup from smearing in the summer heat. Smudge-proof eye pencils and kajals are an excellent choice for eye makeup in summers. The smudge proof factor will prevent the eye makeup from running out with the face sweat. For extra care, limit the use of eye shadows and colors only on the top lid and prettify your lower lash line with a dust of translucent powder.

Clinch the wet lip look

wet lip look

Save your creamy lipsticks and heavy lip colors for the fall season. As you are going light with foundation and moisturizers, same applies with the lip shades. Go light and trendy with the damp lip look in summers to maintain the hydration of your lips even in the scorching heat.

Get your hands on some nice colors of lip glosses to enhance your summer makeover. You can also wear a nice lip tint or lip balm with tint for your casual summer look. Give up on the runny lip colors and moisten up your lips by embracing lip glosses, preferably with SPF.

Face sweating is now no more a hurdle between you and your summer fun time. Stay happy with no running makeup by these simple sweat-proof makeup hacks in summer.

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