Sunscreen: Are You Really Covered?

Summers are here again and though people are enjoying this weather by arranging picnics but they are also worried because of the evergreen problem associated with summers! Yes you got that part right. “How to protect your skin from sunrays”?
Parents are worried for their children who listen to no one and just want to play outside, working women are scared of going out in burning sun, even men nowadays seems to be conscious about their complexion too. Why not? After all no tan is a good tan.
People who have to spend half of the day outside are more exposed to scorching heat of the sunrays. Studies have shown that harmful radiations emitting from sun causes diseases like skin cancer, skin damage, immune suppression and contracts. And ladies you will be amazed to know that the problem rising these days with an alarming rate about wrinkles is also the result of constant exposure to sun because UVA light breaks down collagen, which causes wrinkles. Worried already?
Don’t be! Just take a deep breath and relax because this is none other than “sunscreen Time”. Thanks to our beauty experts who worked out the solution for this tricky problem. Sunscreen is basically a combination of different chemicals that helps not only in preventing sunrays from burning the skin but also keep it soft, smooth and fresh.
In chemical terms Sunscreen is a pharmaceutical product designed to protect skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.  These products have a physical blocker (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) which protects the skin from (UVR) which can cause sunburn) and UVA (UVR which damages the skin with more long-term effects, such as premature skin aging).  Sunscreen products also contain active drug ingredients like compounds that captivate, scatter or reflect UV light.
Mostly sunscreens are labeled with SPF (sun protecting factor) rating. The more the rating the more good it is to use that particular sunscreen. So when you go to buy this product make sure to check the rating too.
Just like you apply any other cream before going out it’s better to try sunscreen now. Get a stick, lotion or spray whatever suits you. Sunscreen is available in all forms. It will be effective 24 hours a day and the best thing is it doesn’t smells or feels sticky at all. It is not expensive too. Believe us! This small sunscreen pack won’t cost you much then skin specialist fees that you will have to endure if not taken precautionary measures.
We know people have this very common perception that wearing light coloured, full length clothes with hats or holding umbrella is enough to be safe. But reality is a bit vicious guys. Clothes are just partial solution they don’t cover your face or hands. Sunscreen is ultimate answer to our prayer.
This time don’t just spend rather live your summer season tension free. Just apply a small amount of sunscreen and party hard. Hang out with friends, arrange get-togethers outside the house yard, go to beeches and make the most out of this season.
Sunscreen is not a cure for skin protection. Sun avoidance and physical barriers are the best tactics to minimize the serious and long-term effects of UV radiation. But still they are important to be used.
So don’t get scared by rays. Just lead your life the way you want to. Let dermatologist handle these minimal issues for you. Sunscreen has definitely made our lives heaven on earth. Show the sun that if it has to blaze out all its heat on us then we have sunscreen to counter it back. As simple as that!

In summer season, no one can dare to go out in the scorching sun without applying sunscreen, and we rely on it for our protection. But the question is that does it really cover us the way we think?

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