Summer Wedding and What to Wear as a Female Guest

In Pakistan, the hot and humid summers last for eight months so the most weddings are summer weddings and these are the major occasions on which one socializes so one has to attend even if the summer weddings drain ones spirit out.

What to wear? Lawns!!!….no way, after all its a wedding. All you need are two or three formal dresses for summer weddings that are comfortable too. What Pakistani dresses options to seek for?…Let’s check it out!!

  1. Summer wedding though confines base fabric options, but still there are numerous availabilities in Pakistani dresses, such as pure chiffon. Chiffon has glamour of its own. Not only this but any design that you might have conceived of your dresses for summer weddings can very well be executed on this base. Nothing can be a better choice but chiffon with its gorgeous fall that gives your body a slim shape.
  2. If you are expecting a summer wedding event in your family or friends where you have to observe a Pakistani dresses code, go for chiffon along with a lining that too is of a pure fabric. Make sure that all the synthetic fabrics though cheaper in price, but are absolutely not comfortable during summer as they might cause skin allergies during summer when there is more sweating and all that. Even lawn can be a perfect fit for lining as it would add to the comfort level without disturbing the cuts and shape of your Pakistani dresses.
  3. Now comes the embellishments of dresses for summer weddings. We recommend that you should try lighter embroidery this time. Prefer the patterns that do not give an embossed effect rather merge with the base.
  4. There can be several more options when it comes to the embellishments of your summer wedding outfits. Such as, delicately painted chiffon. Make sure that silk paints with their cooling effect are in vogue these summers. Floral patterns in a vast color range are appealing to eyes as they give your Pakistani dresses a lighter touch that makes them more comfortable for summer weddings.
  5. Another appropriate and all time favorite option in dresses for summer weddings is kundan zari Chiffon. Kundan zari in pure chiffon or light weight silks gives a banarsi look that is very much traditional and eastern and thus best suited for making Pakistani dresses for summer weddings. These are comfortable to wear, highly formal and eastern at the same time. One can try all sorts of cuts such as long frock like shirts along with choori pyjamas.
  6. Summer always asks for the color range that is from cool families, such as blues, fresh greens, and pinks. Oranges, browns, maroons, shocking pink and other warmer tones should be avoided if preparing an outfit for summer wedding.
  7. While accessorizing your Pakistani dresses for summer weddings, try to choose light weight jewellery, preferably pearls jewellery as heavier jewellery isn’t meant for summer.

Fashion Central hopes that your selection would have become easier if you are looking for your Pakistani dresses this summer. If you find it difficult to customize and design an outfit for yourself, visit Pakistani dress designers and you are sure to get Pakistani dresses that are your taste for your summer wedding event!

Selection of dresses for summer weddings is restricted as most of the fabrics can't be opted in summer. If there's a summer wedding ahead then go for a proper summer wedding outfit.

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