Summer Skin Care Guide in Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is here and that too, in the extreme summers this time. In order to keep the skin healthy, fresh and glowing through Ramadan in summers we really need a summer skin care guide in Ramadan that will help us through all our skin related worries and problems during this month.   

The summer skin care guidein Ramadan is very important for all girls and women who are fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan as it is quite a tension to keep the skin healthy and glowing during Ramadan. The whole diet plan gets changed and the routine is also different in Ramadan from normal days. The skin goes through a lot of phases due to all this which results in a dull, unhealthy skin and in many cases acne signs and pimples also appear.

The summer skin care guide in Ramadan will help us get a better and healthier looking skin and will also keep the body’s metabolism rate at a good pace. All in all, if you try to keep your skin healthy in Ramadan month, you will definitely keep the whole body healthy and fit since you will not be eating or doing anything unhealthy that is against the summer skin care guide in Ramadan.

In Ramadan, according to the summer skin care guide in Ramadan it is very much important to keep the skin away from the sun as much as possible. Avoid direct exposure of skin to the sun as that can give you bad sunburns and rashes. Also, the sun rays are quite harmful as the body is dehydrated to a great extent in the month of Ramadan and the sun steals all the moisture and the glow from the skin. Also, the sunrays will give you a tanned complexion which is not at all a good sign for skin.

Take fresh fruit juices in Sehri and drink plenty of water after Iftar to meet the water need of the body. Try to keep the skin hydrated at all times with a good moisturizer or skin lotion which is not oily as an excess of oil will cause other skin related problems like black heads and pimples during the month of Ramadan and that is strictly against the summer skin care guide in Ramadan.

Sleep cycle is again a very important thing when it comes to summer skin care guide in Ramadan. If you are having a disrupted sleep cycle and are not giving your body the right amount of rest and sleep which it needs, this will lead to skin problems for you in the month of Ramadan.

The summer skin care guide in Ramadan also suggests that you use very little amount of makeup and that too, just when it is necessary as the skin needs rest too and applying makeup will release unnecessary oil from your skin which will steal the hydration and result in bad skin during Ramadan.

Keep applying good face washes, cleansers and toners so that the skin stays fresh naturally and splash cold running water on your face during the fast too. This will keep the skin pores fresh and healthy and the skin will not at all feel dull. Do not let oil take over your skin and apply natural stuff like rose water and cucumbers just to keep the skin relaxed. This is an excellent tip from the summer skin care guide in Ramadan.

Follow this summer skin care guide in Ramadan and there will be no chance of you having bad or unhealthy skin in or after Ramadan.

Summer and Ramadan are here and we want to know all that we can do to keep ourselves healthy and fresh during the summer season and Ramadan. Skin is a vital part of our body which should be kept fresh and healthy at all times especially in Ramadan, here i

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