Look Your Best: 11 Stylish Ways to Accessorise Your Saree

One of the most flexible and adaptable women’s garments are saree. It’s something that you can wear to all types of events or occasions. Regardless of whether you’re going to a formal event or you are attending a casual house party, a saree is a perfect touch that will certainly make you stand out.

However, wearing a saree on its own may appear a little dull as a fashion statement. It may not boast too much appeal if it’s too plain an outfit. Luckily, there are different ways to make your saree look classic yet posh at the same time.

11 Stylish ways to accessorise your saree

In this article, we will list some of the effective and stylish ways to wear your saree. Let’s start by picking the right accessories down to personalizing its embroidery!

1. Layer a tennis bracelet

One of the best ways to style your saree is by wearing the perfect jewellery and accessory. First is by wearing a diamond tennis bracelet on your wrist. Instead of wearing different types of bracelets, you can be bold by layering these tennis bracelets. It’s best if you will mix and match a combination of white gold and yellow gold diamond bracelet to further elevate its appearance.

2. Get those huge statement earrings

The next accessory to consider is earrings. But, not just any other earrings. Choose the ones that will certainly make a statement. Huge earrings go well with a saree, especially those that have chandelier-inspired designs. This is the best choice if you are going to a formal event.

3. Necklaces are a big help

Stylish Saree

Aside from bracelets and earrings, wearing a necklace will also help accessorise your saree. It’s like having another layer of decoration on the upper part of your body. Just a quick tip, if you are already wearing flashy earrings, it’s best to choose a less flashy necklace – or reverse them. The key is to accessorise but not too much.

4. Go classic with nose rings

If you want to look edgy and bold, wearing a nose ring will complete your saree outfit. Some people prefer to wear a nose ring instead of wearing shiny necklaces and bracelets. A nose ring is also a huge signifier of your culture which makes the saree outfit look more authentic.

5. Accentuate with brooches and pins

Saree is a free-flowing dress that requires additional embellishments to accessorise. Because of that, you can also add brooches or pins to add accents to your outfit. It adds class and elegance to your outfit and it also elevates your sophistication.

6. Wear it with a belt!

Another embellishment that you can add is belts. Some people may think that it actually depicts the purpose of wearing a saree, but wearing a belt on it is actually an old-school fashion trend. It came back recently as celebrities are seen wearing them in that way. However, when you choose a belt, make sure that it will complement the style of your saree.

7. Add some floral charms

Talking about accents, floral headdresses and other charms can also help accessorise your saree. It’s a nice, soft touch to add for a more feminine and sophisticated look. Some people prefer to wear floral embellishments on their arms as shapeshift sleeves. This technique adds more style and appeal to your outfit.

8. Pair with a nice clutch

Aside from wearing the right accessories and hairstyle, it’s also recommended to consider your purse or bag. When wearing a saree, it’s highly ideal to bring a clutch instead. Aside from the fact that it will look more elegant than a big purse, it’s also more convenient considering the length of your attire.

9. Put on a Bindi

For a more authentic and classic look, don’t forget to put on a Bindi! You can easily transform the overall look of your saree with a single red dot on your forehead. If you want to add a little sparkle, you can also use a colourful bead as a Bindi. Just make sure that you will choose the right size that will complement the size of your forehead. Wearing too big a bindis can certainly drive the attention away from your saree.

10. Style with anklets and toe rings

Get a more overall sparkle by wearing anklets and toe rings. While sarees are commonly long, there is always a reason to accessorise your feet. Anklets and toe rings give a distinct elegance that will surely be a huge part of your overall attire. It’s best if you will pair your feet jewellery along with the accessories on the upper part of your body.

11. Have a personalized embroidery

If you are going for a more unique style to stand out with your saree, the best way is to personalize it. There are a lot of designers nowadays who can make personalized embroidery on your saree. You can choose a pattern or decoration that will suit the event best. Another way to personalise it is by decorating your saree with handmade paintings. It’s more colourful and certainly unique from anybody else.

Look stunning with your saree!

Be it an outfit for the red carpet or you’re just going to an outdoor picnic, it’s imperative to look best with your saree. The tips above will certainly turn the heads of every passerby.

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