Style Tip to use Decorative Hair Sticks

Hold your hairs in casual way with fashionable hair sticks.

The hot and humid summer weather calls for the use of smart fashion style tip that can not only protect your hair, but also give you an elegant look. In summer, the most preferred hair style tip is to make the up-dos in the form of ponytails, catchers, buns and many more. However, through our chic hair style tip you will be able to make an up-do in a simpler yet chic manner to distinguish your style tip among others. To make the beneficial use of fashion style tip for hair styles in summer, the use of fashionable hair sticks is the most ideal way to make the finest and smoothest hair style.

Our style tip will recommend you to experiment this summer with the graceful and stylish summer up-dos like cinnamon bun, basic bun, fringed bun and French twist with the help of our hair style tip of using fashionable hair sticks. Initially, you will experience some problems while using fashionable hair sticks, but with a little practice of our hair style tip you can easily master in creating attractive and beautiful hair styles. Though, using fashionable hair sticks look complicated, but our easy step-by-step hair style tip instructions will guide you to make a securely held chic hairstyle.

How to use fashionable Hair sticks:

  • To get started with our hair style tip guide, firstly comb your hair well and form a pony tail to secure your hair tightly with a cloth-covered elastic band.
  • Twist entire length of the bun to cover up the edges and end points of your hair.
  • Our hair style tip will suggest you to coil entire twisted hair, putting each successive layer smoothly beneath the previous one and make a smooth bun.
  • Now, insert one of the fashionable hair sticks diagonally in between the elastic band with pointing edge touching your scalp in sewing motion. Make sure that that the fashionable hair sticks should be inserted in a way with pointed portion at the lower-left side and the thicker end in the upper-right side.
  • By using this hair style tip, your bun should be securely hold, however, if you think it’s getting wobbly or want to add more decorative look, our fashion style tip will suggest you to insert the other stick. Make sure that the fashionable hair sticks will be inserted like crossing each other like X or at angles parallel to each other like chopsticks.

Our fashion style tip advises you to secure the hair ends at the base of the bun by using bobby puns or small clips.

Hold your hairs in casual way with fashionable hair sticks.

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