Style and Clothes forever!

Summer is the season that lasts longest in Pakistan. Whether it is summer or winter all we need is an excuse to go crazy with clothes. Casual clothes, formal clothes, evening clothes, afternoon clothes, party wear, wedding clothes, shopping attire, hoteling wear. Clothes aren’t a necessity; clothes need to be the appropriate material, the right fit, the ‘in’ style.

We spend on clothes that are just the right material and are in style and just the right print that no one else is wearing but are in style then we spend on the designing so it’s in style and the stitching so it’s stitched in style. Finally when it’s ready to wear we spend on making sure the shoes are just right with it and the accessories go perfectly too so the style statement that we make doesn’t go wrong anywhere.

Who said anything about style being bought didn’t know that clothes can be bought but style and clothes combined can only be acquire. After all this hard work we definitely don’t want our clothes to last only a day or maximum two wearing, the chances of which are higher thanks to our highly humid and hot weather.

Here is something to help you keep your clothes stay fresh longer and stay wearable longer too. When starching your clothes try and use your starch slightly warm and while spreading them to dry always smoothen their wrinkles.  For the summer favorites, the whites; dip them in a tub full of water with two spoons vinegar and salt. This keeps the white clothes just the white they were.

For clothes which are for occasional style display like the forever in style silks and chiffons, wrap them up with dried leaves of ‘neem’. If ever God forbid you need to wash one of your style-epitome expensive clothes make sure you hand wash them individually and dry them in the shade. This keeps the texture and the color of the clothes intact and original. Be careful not to rinse them or rub them too hard; handle them with care if you want to wear them again.

Summer is just crazier when it comes to clothes because coats, sweaters, and shawls everything that was hiding away our clothes takes a backseat. Ta-Da it is only about our clothes on us.

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