Stye in Your Eye? Get Rid of it Fast

A soreness develops right on the lash line or eyelid of one of your eyes. Upon looking in the mirror you realize that you developed a stye. Why this stye occurred? These red, swollen, painful bumps on the eye are caused by a myriad of things, but they all drill down to one thing. You have a blocked eye gland. Luckily, you can also help it heal quickly.

First of all, you cannot touch stye and do not pop it. You must know about the eye. It is a most sensitive part of our human body and can become infected easily. So, hold off on the picking, and do your best to keep your hands off of it.

Secondly, get a small towel and wet it with Luke warm water. Apply the warm cloth to your eye for a few minutes. Do this a couple of times during the day. This warmth will help open the blocked gland naturally, allowing it to clear itself out.

While you will want to try to cover up the stye, if you are a makeup wearer, refrain from eye makeup. For this keep the area clean can also help it heal quickly. Along with keeping the area clean, you can also try an eye-friendly cleanser, such as hypochlorous acid.

By the using this method, you should see the painful bump being to reduce after 48-72 hours. Of course, if it doesn't get better, or even worsens, see a doctor. They can make sure it's not something more serious.

So how do we avoid getting these in the future?

The first thing you can do that Wash Your Hand. Then you are keeping debris and foreign matter out of your eyes. Ensure you are not sleeping in any makeup either. It's the worst idea to leave your makeup on overnight. At a minimum, use a makeup wipe to get the eye makeup off before bed.

Another aspect you can remember that is replace your mascaras every 6 months. You read that right. Six Months. It could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you use your mascara, the wand will be introducing new microbes to the formula. To keep any bacterial invaders out of your eyes, replace that mascara!

If you find you're chronically developing styes, you should certainly see an eye doctor. Other conditions may have residual symptoms that manifest in your eyes. Just remember, see a doctor if things get weird!

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