Step by Step Procedure to Conduct Sugaring

Sugaring is one of the most effective methods of removing hair from the root. This hair removal method is popular in several countries around the world since centuries.

It does not only remove the unwanted hair but also renders soft and beautiful skin. Many beauty salons offer this treatment. However, it can also be done at home by following a few simple steps.

Steps to Conduct Sugaring at Home

Sugar wax hair removal kits are easily available in the market. It is suggested to look for one from a good brand to get started with the procedure. Once you have a sugaring kit handy, you may follow this step by step guide to conduct sugaring at home:

The first step is to prepare your skin for the process. For this, the areas to be treated need to be cleansed in order to rid them of any kind of oil or lotion. This is because the sugar paste does not stick properly on oily or greasy skin. You can simply wash your skin to make it ready for the procedure. You may even use a pre-sugaring skin cleanser to clean your skin so as to conduct the process effectively. These cleansers also ensure that your skin does not experience breakouts or irritation as the hair is removed.

The next step is to apply some talcum powder on the area where the procedure is to be conducted. However, do not go overboard with the application of powder as it will interfere in the procedure.

It is time now to warm the sugaring paste to soften it a bit. The sugaring paste need not be heated too much. You just need to ensure that this paste is lukewarm at the time of application. This softens it and helps it spread evenly on the area to be treated. When its temperature is right take the sugaring paste and spread it carefully on your skin with a spatula.

The paste needs to be applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth. You must apply it firmly so that it spreads properly. As it hardens, press it a bit against the skin so that it sticks well to the hair. Now, hold the paste from the edge and pull it quickly in the direction of the hair growth. Alternatively, you can place a waxing strip or a soft cotton cloth on the paste and pull it in the same manner to get rid of the unwanted hair. Now, just keep working in sections to remove all the unwanted hair from your skin.

In case, some patch of hair is left you can reapply the paste to remove the same. This paste does not cause soreness or itching even if applied more than once on the same area.

Lastly, just wipe your skin with a damp cloth and you are ready to flaunt that beautiful hairless skin.

Sugaring paste is completely organic and can be used on any body part. We hope the aforementioned steps help you carry out this procedure safely and effectively at home.

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