Spring Nail Color Trend 2013

2013 is considered as the year of nail trend. Fashion would be incomplete without beautiful nails. Nails – if beautifully painted – increase the beauty of hands otherwise pale and dirty nails look unseemly. Nail colors are the hottest accessory this year. If you are in desperate need of change in this spring, the season of colors, why don’t you go with spring nail color trend 2013? You will definitely love it.

Whatever nail color you wear, always keep one thing in mind that you oftenly touch up your nails and they are most prominent part so your nails must be cool and eye catching because perfection is a key with shades. To have perfect nails you can play with different colorful shades this spring. Choose beautiful spring colors. Spring has a lot of shades. There are some idea about spring nail trend and spring nail color trend that you can follow to make your hands pretty and hot.

This spring the shape of nails has taken central stage. Thin and long nails with rounded points are popular and in fashion in this spring. Extended nails elongate your fingers that seem to be beautiful. You can beautify your nails by using different shades, textures and designs.

Some females like light nail colors while others like dark according to their choice. Light shades of nail polish are in trend especially in spring. The light shades that are very much in use and popular include icy pink, cool lilac and shimmery yellow. Creamy soft shades of gray, pink and white look refreshing. Just keep in mind the suitable color combination.

Manicure has been in trend for many years. A number of manicures are being used by majority of girls. The new way to do a half moon manicure. You can use black shade on white with stroke technique. Black shade on white miraculously makes the tip of your nails even more eye catching creating a pretty French manicure effect.

Black nail polish is the most popular among teenagers. Its not just for twilight fans and teenage goths. I would suggest you to wear black nail color this spring. Black shade is vivid with a fresh and sexy flair. You can go with Silver and white shades on black with different designs particularly with stroke technique. It looks hot. This spring nail trend will never be worn out, I tell you.

Mint green has been popular for last two years in spring. This color can be carried into spring this year. You can paint your nails with mint green shade to be more stylish and trendy. If you love your nails to be bold but not overwhelming then you can go with lime and mango colors that give a fresh look to your nails.

Chipped nail polish is not in style this spring. If you are glitter lover then you should definitely paint your nails with glitter. Beaded nails are still going strong in this spring. Whenever you paint your nails with glitter, you must finish off your nails with another layer of topcoat otherwise shimmer flecks on nail color snag your clothes. Glittery nails look not only girly but also trendy and perfect.

An inside scoop of latest spring color trend for fashion conscious ladies who are bored of same nail color trends and want something new and stylish in this spring. Elegant colors on nails add too your beauty so grab the color that suits your personality

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