Spring Inspirational Makeup Guide

Spring is associated with a lot of bright colors. So before starting tips for trendy and subtle makeup for this spring I would like ladies to choose colors which suit them the best and also is a source of soothe for the viewer’s eyes rather threat. In this spring the colors which would be considered as trendy and soothing at the same are dusk blues, tender shades, lemon zest, linen, poppy red, nectarines, African violet, grayed jades, Monaco blues and emerald. These colors are rich, intense and would provide you with fresh and charming looks.

For this spring let’s try something new, here are some tips to look flawless during this summer.

  • Before applying makeup make sure that your skin is been washed by a good quality face wash and apply a suitable moisturizer (according to your skin type).

  • Makeup is not to make you different but to highlight the good features. First part of make is the application of foundation. Always use the foundation that suits your skin tone the best. As it is been applied on entire face so you wouldn’t want your face to stand out and your neck and hands look alien.

  • Because this spring would bring the trend of sheeny looking skin so apply some golden sheen base and blend it so well that it becomes a part of your skin and doesn’t give a layered look.

  • Eyes are an integral part of body so need special care while doing makeup, in this spring it would be preferable to pencil your eyes with copper color pencil to accolade the spring season, thick lines are in and thin lines are out so don’t be afraid of making your eyes prominent by eyeliners and pencils and don’t restrict yourself to only black color go for others as mentioned before. Also blues, pinks, violets and green eye shadows would be considerable along with thick lashes.

  • Another striking feature of this unexpected spring is the red lips that usually are an attribute of winter makeup. But this spring would revive the trend of red glossy lips.

  • Apply creamy pink blush to give your skin a fresh look. It would add to the glow of your skin and also would help you to hide the wrinkles, lines and spots on your skin. Always apply blush in the direction that is according to the shape of your face for example apply horizontally on a circular face and vertically on an elongated face.

  • It seems almost impossible to say that spring has brought a lot for face make up but nothing for hair styling so behold! It is impossible. This spring would be bringing back the out casted trendy braids into voyage. Also the shorter style including bobs and short layers would constitute an important part of this spring.

Makeup highlights your personality if it is done in a good manner and accordingly and at the same time it ruins your self-appearance if it isn’t done in a suitable manner. Choose colors according to your skin type in foundation, base, blushes, eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras. Use quality products that don’t spoil your skin. This spring would bring a blast of colors and hope you would enjoy all its colorfulness and subtlety.

Followed by summer and preceded by winter the spring is one of the conventional seasons of temperate regions in Pakistan. Spring is metaphorically used for the rejuvenation time as it is the time for the blooming of flowers so is associated with the birth

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