Spa Treatments before your Wedding Day

It is the desire of every girl to look prettiest on her big day “The Wedding Day”. Every “bride to be” plans a lot about her wedding day.

She discusses with her family and friends about what will suit on her or are the choices she is going to make will work right for her? Among many questions like what color to wear? What stuff to wear? Which design will look the best? And from where should the makeup be done? There is always a concern about the spa treatments before the wedding day. These treatments enhance and add to your beauty.

They polish you more and bring out the best version of “yourself”.  We are highlighting few main spa treatments that you must undergo before your big day.

Plan a schedule of facials with your reliable salon. If your skin is not sensitive much, you can plan it just before a week of your wedding. In case if your skin is extra ordinary sensitive you can plan it like before two or three months of your wedding, depending upon the scale of sensitivity. It will make your skin glow and remove the underlying minute dust particles.

You might have seen a wide variety of body scrubs in the markets or salons. This is absolutely the right time to make use of them. Try some famous body scrubs, you can also take opinion about it from your beautician. You can yourself use them easily at home. Body scrub will give your body a luminous everlasting effect. There are many types of fruit and herb scrubs available in market. Start using them at least one month before your wedding day. It will give shining effect to your body and clean it from dust particles.

Plan a wax schedule with your salon: Waxing can be done at home but to make sure that it is properly done, take help from a skilled person. Waxing must be done maximum one week before the wedding day. Make sure the hairs are removed completely and there are no marks of hot wax on your body.

Manicure and Pedicure: As you will be wearing jewelry in your hands, so your hands must look delicate and attractive. You should have manicure done from your salon. In order to make your foot neat and clean, use pedicure therapy. You can schedule them like before 4 or 5 days of your wedding day.

Hair Treatments:  If you are having split ends and you don’t want to reduce the length of your hairs you must consult your beautician and go for trimming may be. If you want a haircut to get a new look, make it done at least before one month of your wedding day. In this way you will learn how to carry your new hairstyle.

If you want to have hair extensions, you should have them at least two weeks before your wedding so as to adjust them maximum with your hair and head. Don’t rush in making things done quickly, instead planning will provide you with sequence of steps which will be done properly on time.

Teeth Whitening: you know that you are going to have a number of photographs on your big day. While giving an attractive smile, your teethes are also exposed to the camera, so make sure that they are giving a refreshing, cool look. You can try teeth whitening by visiting a dental surgeon. You can try it before 2 or 3 weeks of your wedding day.

Plucking of eye brows and upper lips should be done latest like just before 4 or 5 days of your wedding. Make sure that the shape of yours eye brows is not disturbed and is exactly according to what you demanded. Check your face for minute cuts if any during plucking. Note that these small things matter a lot and you will know it during your make up.

Some brides are suggested to use masks to make their skin neat and glowing. You can consult your beautician that which type of mask will suit your skin type. Some masks are night masks and are applied for hours in night. This is to facilitate the user that you can apply it when you do not have any other task to do. In addition whitening masks are also available in the market if you think that you are not fair enough you can make use of them. But in any case consult your beautician she will guide you better.

Special spa treatments that you need to make you shine on this memorable day of your life.

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