Spa Tips for Winter Proof Skin

Every part of your body needs protection and proofing especially when it comes to a season like winters. Your skin becomes dry and parched and flaky. But there are ways and spa tips for winter proof skin, and once you adhere to them, you can have a winter proof skin. Following are a few effective spa tips for winter proof skin:

1. Apply moisturizer

In winters the air around you is generally and usually very dry. You keep losing your moisture and that has a negating effect on your skin. A very basic remedy for this is to moisture, after every bath, every hand and face wash. This not only adds moisture to your skin but applying moisturizer on damp skin locks in your own moisture and has a doubling impact.

You keep closing the water from your body due to the lack of moisture in your skin. But to moisturize correctly is also very significant. With the right kind of body butter and cream you can lock in your water content and with the wrong kind you can lose it. Body butter is always considered a better option than body lotion.

2. Hot baths are a big NO

Needless of how comforting hot showers and baths may sound or feel they deprive your skin of all its natural oils. They make your scalp dry and flaky and your skin dehydrated and dry. But then again, to shower or bathe in cold water is also a troubling act. In order to keep enjoying the comfort of hot baths and retaining your oil content, add a drop of oil on your skin to keep your skin fresh and alive and comfortable.

3. Water

Bathing in hot water is one thing, something external, what is significant is the quantity of water going in your body. Your body loses a lot if water just because of the season, so it is important that you compensate and make up for all the loss not in your control. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and flaky free.

4. Exfoliation

This is primarily the single handed most significant thing you need to follow in winters. Exfoliation. Because of the dryness around your skin continuously, a layer of dead cells forms around and on your skin. This gives your skin and your face a crocodile look. What needs to be done in such a situation is to remove the dead skin so that fresher and newer skin can grow and form at all times.

Not only does it please the sense of seeing, touching and smelling, it does volumes for your cells. It smells divine and feels like silk and it also ensures that your dead cells are repeatedly being removed and replaced with newer ones.

5. Use a Toner

Like water is essential to be drunk, washing your face time and again won’t be of any help to your skin. The water dries out it takes away your essential oils with it. So what you need to do to either stop this from happening or to compensate for it is by using a toner. A toner alone is of help, but a toner emphasizes the effect of the moisturizer on your skin. It revitalizes your skin and it hydrates it at all times.

6. Lip Balm

Lips may seem just a part of your face, but cracked lips can do wonders for your skin. With a good lip balm or Vaseline you can keep your lips lush and red. You can keep them moisturized. Chappeded lips usually result in bleeds and discomfort. Use a balm of your choice to give your lips that subtle lush and your face that blush and rid yourself of the pain of cracked and dry lips.

So why not care for your skin if simple home remedies and elements you always have available can result in moisturized skin, lush lips and gently exfoliated cells. Spa treatments and tips carried out on a daily basis can become acts of winter proofing where you can save your skins huskiness even in the winters.

Every woman then adheres to ways of keeping their skin cells alive and fresh at all times. That is when they search or try to come up with spa tips for a winter proof skin.

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