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May be because of your every day tough routine, you didn’t get time to look after your feet properly. 

Most of us take care of their face and hands but usually ignores their feet. Although feet plays very vital role in enhancing your over all beauty, as you looks not nice with dirty feet. It simply looks odd if you made your face and hands beautiful with proper care and not your feet.

We will tell you some beneficial tips to make your feet soft and charming.First of all you need to analyze that what sort of feet skin type you have? You can obviously get more advantages if you correctly know about your skin type and texture.

There are majorly three types of feet skin; normal, oily and dry. Those who have oily skin type, usually have sweating problems in their feet. These people need extra care. Especially they should change their socks on daily basis.  One tip in this regard is to sprinkle some talcum powder in their shoes, to avoid sweating & bad smell as well. 

Those who got dry skin, have many problems related to dryness. They should keep their feet neat & clean, means they also need extra care. They should keep their feet moisture, through some good moisturizing cream or lotion. They should wear cotton socks. It’s good if they massage their feet through some oil, before going to bed at night. Try to wear closed shoes.

However, those who luckily have got normal skin type can keep their feet beautiful through average care.
          These guidelines will help you, not only in your everyday life but also in important functions.  


Do not forget that your personality is very necessary to watch over and it demands some time and extra care. So you need to consider on some small and important aspects, like taking care of your feet.

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