Skin care may be your lifestyle is making you sick

Stress gives a negative impact on your health – especially skin health. It could be your cultural stress (routine life).

Cultural-Stress is a persistent-stress because of multi-tasking at a time or/and overly-busy lifestyle of most adults today. Cultural stress can also impact on children and, is often initiated by parents, even during pregnancy.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes safe sun exposure, exercise and a sensible diet, aging skin are a complete skincare systems that address not only sun damage, but hyper-pigmentation, pollution, and the loss of vitality.

Skincare and skincare treatments are becoming more and more mainstream. Also on the cutting-edge of skincare is skin immunity. As we age, the effectiveness of our immune system decreases. This ultimately leads to both cellular and connective tissue breakdown that translates into fine lines, wrinkles…and loss of elasticity that occurs in “aging skin".

Skincare that address seasonal changes in skin and the potential for skin damage is also growing in popularity. We need a unique skin care solution which support to transition skin from season to season, or to help undue years of damage done to skin baked in the hot summer sunshine.

  • Ready Feet for summer

Feet are probably abused even more than hands.

Feet should be regularly moisturized, at least once a week, they need a full pampering session.

  • Acne Skin

An Acne Treatment can make a great difference in your life by cleaning your skin

Excessive oil production is the main factor in your problem skin, there are numerous secondary factors that can trigger this type of overproduction of oil in your skin.

  • Wrinkles

Even if you are in your 20s, you might  begin to see fine lines around your mouth and eyes. As time continues on, the sinister ‘crow’s feet‘, age spots and even dreaded full blown wrinkles leave their marks on your smooth face.

  • Sun Tanning:

It is sensible to wear a sunscreen.

  • Hands

Skin types vary, but as we age, many of us find that our hands actually make us look older than our faces do. 

This is probably because of years of neglect.  So before it’s too late, start taking care of those hands.
The regular use of protective hand cream is essential.

  • Bodies

Daily moisturizing after bathing or showering is essential, particularly if the body has been or will be exposed to the sun. Everyone has a favorite body lotion and the choice is immense. 

Best Skin Care Tip:-

  1. Drinking plenty of water everyday about eight glasses will help cleanse body system as well as hydrating the skin.
  2. In removing tan color from the face, use an egg white with honey as a facemask.
  3. Instead of using cleanser for toning the face, use a natural cleanser such as cucumber, which can be mixed with milk or cucumber juice.
  4. Rubbing cut lemon wedges on the face can help refresh the skin pores. After rubbing, leave the face for about twenty minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. However, this skin care tip is not applicable for those who have dry skin.
  5. A mixture of milk and honey can be best as cleanser for the face to maintain its glow
  6. To bring more oxygen to your skin as well as reducing stress, exercising regularly is must. Also, exercise can help skin get nourished and firmer.
  7. Have a healthy diet and eat right kinds of foods that are rich in essential vitamins
  8. After washing the face, apply a moisturizer to help protect the skin from any harm or exposure to sunlight.
  9. Do not sleep with your make up on.


Cultural-Stress is a persistent-stress because of multi-tasking at a time or/and overly-busy lifestyle of most adults today.

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