Skin Care in Summer

Glowing, twinkling and healthy skin is as important for outlook beauty of a person as being physically fit is necessary for healthy life.

We do lot of exercises to make us healthy and fit, same care is necessary to make our skin healthy and beautiful. No matter how expensive your clothes, jewellery and make up are but if your skin is freckled and spotted nothing could work in improving your personal grooming.

In summer some extra care is necessary to make your skin healthy because hot sunshine and moister in rainy season become a reason of pimples and blackheads that leads to some more skin diseases.
One of the most important things in summer is to wash three to four times your face with simple water that will minimizes the dirt on your skin and make it shiny and healthy.

By taking some preventive measures we can save our skin from hot sunshine and dust that is a common reason for pimples and blackheads. Always use umbrella and apply sun block while going out in sunshine. Women who have to go out regularly can take some rose water with them and spray that on your face in heat.

Don’t forget to clean your face with a cleanser or rose water when you come back home because when we go out our skin have to face dust and hot weather in summer that eventually causes many skin diseases.

Simple water is the simplest cure for hale and hearty skin in summer. Drink more simple water especially in the morning because it removes poisonous acids from your skin and make it healthy-looking.

You can also use fresh juices and drinks in summer to balance your body water level. Liquids are necessary for your skin in summer because sweating become a reason of water loss from your body. These simple tips will not take much time from your busy schedule. You can cure your skin from many diseases by spending only some minutes from your daily routine work.

Fresh and healthy skin is every woman’s wish that can be easily attain by taking some care of your own self.

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