Shoe Trend For Eid Ul Fitr

Eid ul Fitr brings along the festive to shop till you drop for all. Men, women and children of all ages come together in shops buying the traditional clothing, bangles, shoes and a variety of other accessories. This season the trendiest item for Eid ul Fitr preparations has been shoes.

Men in Pakistan have a variety of places to choose from when it comes down to shoes shopping for Eid ul Fitr. Some of them like to go for the traditional khussa wear whereas others will go for anything from shoes to trendy sandals and slippers. Women, on the other hand, will enjoy wearing heels, flat slippers, sandals and colorfully decorated khussas. 

Newly opened brands such as Sputnik have made space in the hearts of many men and women because of their unique and stylish collection of slippers and sandals they have to offer for every festival. This Eid ul Fitr Sputnik has come up with a vast variety of colorful slippers and sandals to offer both, men and women. This designer wear is selling the best quality and most comfortable high heels sandals for women with the most in vogue designs.

Next in line is the Ideas by Gul Ahmed Eid collection in multiple volumes! Yes, Gul Ahmed does not only offer beautifully designed clothes but, also offers the most trendy slippers and sandals for men and women. The most noted colors for this Eid ul Fitr at Ideas by Gul Ahmed have been purple, turquoise, shades of grey, silver, bronze and gold. Beautifully studded and embroidered khussas are also in at this designer wear.

Maria B.’s ever successful Eid collection has this year, yet again, been extremely fruitful. Women are shopping online, on foot, where ever they can find a Maria B. outlet all over Pakistan just to enjoy its trendy Eid ul Fitr collection. This year, Maria B. has come up with the most unique high ankle strapped heels and a variety of other sandals in velvet black and other colors. Maria B. is known for selling the most in fashion and excellent quality formal wear shoes all over the country and abroad. Purple Patch also offers a variety of similar foot wear, beautifully designed for ladies.

Khaadi has been renowned for its brightly lit and stylish sandals all over the country. This Eid, along with the latest designed clothes, Khaadi has also offered specially designed shoes, sandals and slippers with the finest collection just for Eid ul Fitr. This offer is not just valid for men and women but, Khaadi Kids offers foot wear for children of all ages as well.

Printed sandals and slippers are also the latest trend these days with brands like Hub, Ehsan Chappal Store, Stylo etc. with the most trendy sandals and slippers of the sort all over the country. All sorts of colors and designs are available at all of these branded shoe outlets to mix and match and/pr contrast with everyone’s colorful Eid dresses.

Women have been noted visiting highly exquisite brands such as Mango, Charles and Keith and Lark and Finch as well for their high quality and elegant looking sandals and shoes. Delicate beads, laces, and wrapped chiffon ribbons have all been noted in the market these days. Gorgeously designed khussa sandals with colorful wool and cotton balls on them highlighted in bright colors such as shocking pink, magenta, orange, blue and green.  Floral and metal like laces wrapped on sandals are also in the trend these days.

Then there are the very common and ever famous Bata and Servis stores or not to forget the Liberty market that everyone visits for last minute Eid shopping. These stores have all sorts of reasonable priced sandals, shoes, slippers and khussas for people of all ages and sizes.

Be sure to check out these collections to fully complete all your Eid ul Fitr shopping. Happy Eid!

With Eid ul Fitr shopping in the heat these days, it is a must to have the perfect shoes with your gorgeous Eid dresses! Here's a list of branded and trendy foot wear Eid collections to check out this Eid ul Fitr.

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