Shoe Mania! Which Celeb Wore What?

Atif Aslam was looking so cool in that jacket at that event and Iman Ali was looking so hot in that black dress. Yes these are the things we definitely discuss about our favorite celebrities. What dress are they wearing and of what color pretty common thing but it excites us all.

Not only we discuss them but we also try to dress like them because fans have many ways t express their love for their favorite celebrities and talking about how they dress and dressing like them is one of them. But when we talk about their dresses and how cool and stunning they look, we can’t ignore their stylish shoes as the shoes complete their stylish look.

Today we are going to tell about which one of your favorite Pakistani celebrity wore which pair of shoes in different events. You will definitely love to know about now won’t you? So here we go and let’s start with the shoe mania.

Faakhir Mehmood:

Let’s start with Faakhir Mehmood who he has improved his looks far more than any artist and have become much more style conscious after going solo. The melodious Faakhir has been seen wearing original Gucci & LV (LuiViton) in his concerts or fashion events he attends. Well now that is style for you.

Celebrities at the Launch of Mango in Lahore:

In the launch ceremony of Mangoes in Lahore black seemed to be the favorite color of everybody in that event.  Frieha Altaf was seen wearing her full black sandals pairing them up with her coat and skirt while Zeba Bakhtiar was wearing some traditional Gray Khussa with a modern touch and her son Azaan like her mother was wearing the traditional Peshawari chappal in the event. But the emphasis was on black like Fia, Meera, Alizay Gabool, Zill-e-Huma and Meesha Shafi were all wearing black sandals and even Rizwan Ullah was in his Black boots.

Juggan Kazim our cheerful morning show host and actress was seen wearing golden high heel sandals on the Eid Celebration by Kyseria and Garnier.

Saba Ansari of Sabs Salon and the Makeup expert of L’Oreal Paris was seen wearing wedge sandals matching the colors of her outfit at the Interactive Eid Mall Animation by L’Oreal Paris Pakistan.

It seems like our celebs do love their black shoes as black is the color which fits perfectly with all outfits. Natasha Hussain loves her black sandals too as she was wearing her black platform sandals at the Cynosure Flagship store launch event in Lahore. Other than that models in that event have been seen wearing gold or black colored T-Strap sandals.

Well these were some of the many celebs and their shoes I mentioned which they wore on different events and black and gold seemed to be the popular colors among them. Our female celebs go for matching pair of shoes as well however we can see our male celebs in all sorts from matching to contrast and to simple sneakers as well. Hope you enjoyed reading about our celebs and their shoe mania.

We all like to know how our celebrities dress up from head to toe and speaking of toes let's not let their stylish shoes out of the picture. So today it’s all about celebrities and their shoes because its shoe mania.

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