Shiny Hair, Dramatic Eyeliner, Bold Lips: Beauty Trends

Well, if you are beauty conscious and want to fly with new fashion trends, then along with other things, you must be looking for beauty trend 2013. There are many trend setters this year, but before following any of them, all you have to keep in mind is that whether that trend is made for your society and location or not.

Every year brings some changes to give you a new look. Similarly, here we are going to tell you what 2013 brings with it regarding looks and beauty. Are red glossy lips again in demand or whether you should have long or short hair?

Similarly, which eye makeup you should wear to parties; dark and smoky or light and natural? Usually, the West is considered as the trend setter and other countries adopt the new styles with little changes according to their requirements. However, Pakistani beauty trend 2013 is quite similar to the beauty trend 2013 declared by top fashion experts all over the world.

1. Shiny hair

If you have healthy and shiny hair, you can give any style to yourself. Beauty trend 2013 especially demands shiny hair left free as tie up hairs is out of fashion. Leaving your hair free with its natural texture is part of fashion today. If you have fizzy hair, you can manage them by applying good quality mousse. However, in Pakistani beauty trend 2013, hair straightening is in fashion. This gives your hair a more glossy and shinny look before you leave it free to let it play with air.

2. Dramatic eyeliner

Again, 70’s dramatic eyeliner is in demand and it is very much prominent in Pakistani beauty trend 2013. One can simply apply bold eyeliner over simple eyeshade primer or apply it with dark or smoky eye shades. For a complete dramatic look, first of all apply liner to the lower water rims and top lash lines and smudge them out. Then apply a dark or smoky shadow on your lids and blend it out of the edges of your eyes into the smudged liner. Apply thick liner on upper lash lines. Give a finishing touch by applying coats of black mascara.

3. Bold lips

Fashion experts suggest that one thing that every lady should have with her in this season is a bold color lipstick. It could be any color from blood orange to shades of deep purple. One can apply a matte one or can give it a high glossy finishing. Deep lipstick colors are part of beauty trend 2013. But one should know how to apply and handle bold colors.

Always use a lip pencil of light color or dark color to line your lips and extend it slightly outside of your natural lip shape to add volume. Then apply a bold color lipstick on the center of your lips and blend it out to the edges with a lipstick brush.

4. Nail art

This is something which is making every one color full. Any beautiful texture, image or symbol is becoming part of nail art. In Pakistani beauty trend 2013, all colors in your dress are used to give your nails a new look. However, graphical designs have gained a great place in beauty trend 2013.

Beauty trend 2013 is different from the beauty trends last year and more focus is on shiny hair, dramatic eyeliner and bold lips this year. Read on to know more about Pakistani beauty trend 2013.

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