Shampoo treatment

There are a lot of queries associated with shampoos. People often have problems deciding which shampoo would be suitable for their hair type and even some are confused between deciding whether shampoo is a better treatment for their hair.
Follow the guidelines mentioned below. This might help you with making a better decision, since we all know,” beautiful hair, beautiful you!”

Which shampoo suits you?

Majority of shampoos contain detergents, like lauryl sulphates, including other ingredients including stabilisers, preservatives, conditioning agents, perfumes and colors.
Everything is to be judged by its performance, not by its appearance – so is a shampoo! Don’t make your choice depend upon color, perfume and certainly not by on cost.
 Make sure the shampoo you choose cleans your hair and rinses out properly, leaving the hair lustrous and manageable. Too much lather forming shampoos can’t be rated as the best infact, is an indication of a high detergent content. Same goes out for the misperception regarding thick consistent shampoos, as it only means that the shampoo is rather more concentrated.
Buy the shampoo according to your hair type. You can easily find a wide range of shampoos made for oily, dry, and also for normal hair. What makes these shampoos different is the kind and concentration of detergent used.

As far as it is concerned with the pH of shampoos, it is generally accepted that neutral or slightly acidic shampoos are more suitable for hair, especially the hair type which are physically or chemically damaged.

Using Shampoos –out of harm’s way?

Shampoos are very safe for the hair since they are not composed of any harsh detergents, protecting the natural coating – the hydrolipidic film – on the hair.

How Often is it safe to Wash Your Hair?

It depends. If you have an oily hair type, then your hair would require a frequent wash, perhaps even 3-4 times every week. Environment is another factor you need to look into for a good hair treatment. This becomes pertinent if the environment you work in is dirty. Frequent shampooing is not harmful for the hair.

“This shampoo has all that you’d need for your hair’s treatment” – Can these lines be trusted, in terms of the ingredients?

In spite of the reputation and appeal in the market, many of the shampoo ingredients might not necessarily be of much benefit to the hair. Merely because they can be quickly rinsed off the hair while shampooing, does not mean they might give good results. On the other hand some products, for example egg and beer, can be very beneficial to the hair and act as conditioning agents. Amino acids and panthenol are also important additives, which give body and shine to the hair.

Confused about what shampoo to use? Well, not anymore! Here are some tips which would surely wipe away your confusions.

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