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Nature, as beautiful as it is, has products which can be used to enhance one’s natural beauty. Despite a vast collection of emerging cosmetic companies all over the world, natural beauty products are unmatchable and offer results which are also incomparable. Research has also proved that using natural beauty products instead of processed ones brings long lasting and sustainable results. 

Salt is one such product which can be either used as a beauty product or can be used as a base product for many beauty products. When used in the right amounts, salt works wonders and there is increasing evidence regarding this. 

However, using salted beauty products entirely depends on what issue you are trying to resolve. This is because there is an array of products which contain the ingredient as well as a collection which claims to be salt-free. This might put you in some ambiguity but you need not to worry! Relax and determine the beauty issue as this will open up ways which will let you know the quantities in which you require the ingredient.


As beauty is the foremost concern of a major part of population, you will be surprised to know that salt can be used for both hair and skin to sooth, moisturize and nourish them. 

Salt, whose chemical name is sodium chloride can dehydrate your hair undoubtedly! Evidence is that when you are back from a sea picnic, you will notice your hair as totally dry and brittle. That is the same salt you have at home, and chances are that it has drying effects. Despite all these facts, why do you often find sodium chloride in hair products? Actually salt adds to the thickness of the liquid and is used only in quantities where it does not pose any threat to the health of hair.


If you had the keratin straightening treatment, you must make effort to ensure that you do not use any product with salt or all the keratin will break out and your sleek and silky hair will be destroyed. For such instances, there is a huge salt-free range of hair products as well as products which are specific to the hair keratin treatment.

At the same time, salt is a natural remedy for dandruff and oily scalp. All you need to do is take some handful amount of shampoo, add a tablespoon of salt and massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly, followed by regular shampoo and conditioner. This treatment needs to be done weekly to allow the salt absorb excess oil and unclog follicles which lead to dandruff.

For the skin care, you must have come across products labeled mineral salts, Dead Sea salts, etc. Though salt absorbs moisture from the skin too, it is a natural exfoliate which stimulates the renewal of skin along with making it radiant. Mix coarsely ground salt with skin nourishing oil to peel off the dead skin, while oil will help retain moisture.


Dead Sea salts have the right amounts of salt in addition to other nutrients which helps skin retain the natural moisture and replenish minerals vital to the skin metabolism. Eczema, psoriasis and acne can be soothed by the use of sea salt in the right amount as the minerals in it are anti-inflammatory. It just dries the skin enough to make it clear without causing irritation.

The crux remains that you should be wise enough to know when to use the salt as a beauty product or when to use the ones that are salt-free!

Salt is an amazing product which has unimaginable advantages for hair and skin if used correctly. Here we will discuss few them.

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