Reasons to Reach for your EOS Lip Balm this Summer

Yes, judge a book by its cover! This one of a kind egg shape looking lip balm that comes in various colors and flavors truly sets itself apart from the typical tube lip balms. EOS lip balm has long made its mark on the world with its popular theme called the “Evolution of Smooth”.

EOS lip balm review articles from beauty bloggers and influencers worldwide have raved about these yummy smackers since its inception. Known for its organic ingredients and super moisturizing properties, the EOS lip balm allows you to pucker up those lips, without fear of chapping. Forever in everyone’s bag, it is no longer a wonder why these little cuties are now considered a staple. For the upcoming summer season, these babies are just as vital for your summer lip care, and here’s why:

Sun Protection

If you slather your body with sunblock as the temperature rises to scorching hot levels, do not neglect and overlook the lips. Your kissable lips need tender loving care not just in the winter season but all year round. Protect it from the harsh sun because the lips do not possess any glands to keep it naturally moist. With the extreme outdoor heat, the harmful ultraviolet rays, and the rough transitions from outdoor heat to a climate-controlled air-con environment, the lips will undoubtedly feel the adverse effect.

Prevent Dryness

Slather on the lip balm to always keep those pout suckers deliciously moist. It is a myth to believe that the lips only get chapped and chafed during the winter months. The summer season means endless drinks by the pool from lemonade, iced tea, orange juice, and even frozen margaritas. These acidic drinks are especially drying. On top of that, alcohol is also another drying compound. Keeping your lip balm within arm’s reach will help you combat the dryness factor.

Hydrated Skin Heals Faster

Summer barbeques mean chowing down on those super hot items fresh off the grill. The risk of lip injury is higher because of all these outdoor gatherings. To decrease your predisposition to easily burning, frequently slather on your lip balm. And if the unfortunate situation does happen, and you end up with burnt lips, take comfort in knowing that applying your lip balm will help you heal faster. The calming aloe vera and other soothing moisturizing essential oils present in many lippies hasten the healing process.

Youthful Glow

Being like a dried-up wrinkly prune is never an appealing look for anyone. Because lip balms have the power to both moisturize and hydrate your lips, it will certainly keep dryness at bay and help you retain your youthful glow. EOS lip balm review blog posts even state that over the course of the years, frequent lip balm use has shown to decrease fine lines and wrinkles in the mouth area.

Part of the Exfoliation Process

Make it part of your dental hygiene this summer to exfoliate your lips. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. When you brush your teeth, use the same toothbrush to gently brush your lips. Sloughing off the dead layers of skin on your lips will help keep it healthy. After the process, massage it with your lip balm. Doing so will help promote blood circulation in the area. The proper supply of blood in that sensitive portion of your body ensures that they will stay pinkish, healthy, and glowing so you can smile as warm as the summer sun.

Night Time Ritual

Before you tuck in, especially after you’ve gone swimming on the beach, remember to slather on your lip balm. Heavy moisture is needed in the lip area. It is especially beneficial at night because that’s when the body takes a rest. The regeneration of cells is faster at night. Applying a thick layer of moisturizing EOS lip balm will help the recovery process of your lips. This assures that you will wake up in the morning on the right side of the bed.

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