Reality about Beauty

Reality about Beauty

Myth: Pimples can be removed through tooth past

Yes pimple can quickly remove the pimple on your skin but it aggravate the skin of your face and make it dry so it is good to use medicated cream for your pimples than using the toothpaste.

Myth: Thick hair grow after after shaving the hair

Basically when we shave the hair, hair cut by the razor only on the surface of the skin not from the root so next time when hair grow back the thick part (root) of the hair come out so that we thought that our hair become thicker after shaving.

Myth: White hair’s plucking make whiter hair

This is just a beauty myth nothing else. The basic reason of our hair whiting is age and some other issues. But plucking the white hair is not the reason of more white hair. And when some people see their first white hair, they thought that now soon we will have more and whiter hair so their mind is prepare for watching the more gray hair so they noticed more.

Myth: Skin pores become smaller after applying ice on the skin

Temperature can do nothing for our pores. Pores are basically outcome of genetics. And this is fact that there is no way to make pores smaller.

Myth: Veins become swell when washing the tired feet

Yes when feet are tried the veins in the feet become swell. But our body automatically calms the tiredness of the feet. It is good that bath the feet in the warm water so that our blood circulation increase in the feet.

Myth: Varicose vein may be because of crossing the legs

Crossing the legs is not the reason of varicose vein. The real reason is age, weight and genetics.


Give yourself dashing looks for 2009 by ignoring the old beauty myths.

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