Protect your Contact Lens from Summer

Wearing glasses in summer is a big mess! Especially when you are outside and sweat is dripping across your forehead while you are busy wiping your nose and glasses with a same hankie! Yawk! I just hate wearing glasses in summer and I am sure most of you do the same.

However, wearing contact lens in summer is also not an easy task. Those delicate membranes are highly sensitive to heat and hence, need a lot more attention and care for your eyes to remain healthy, happy and glasses-free.

Here are some special tips to protect your contact lens from the terrible heat of sun in the summer:

  1. Use Waterproof Sunscreen: It’s always better for contact lens wearers to use waterproof sun screen in summers so when they swim or sweat their sunscreen doesn’t drip into their eyes and cause that painful sting and red eyes.
  2. Use Waterproof Mascara: Same goes for mascara. When you are wearing contact lens in summer, make sure to use waterproof mascara so that your mascara don’t irritate your eyes or damage your contact lens.
  3. Wear UV protecting sunglasses: sunglasses not only protect your eyes from damaging rays of sun but also save your contact lens from heat and debris from blowing into your eyes. Besides, sun glasses also prevent dry eyes caused by warm wind.
  4. Wear goggles while swimming: Swimming in summers is fun, but you definitely don’t want your dear contact lens to float in the swimming pool water! Do you? So always wear goggles while swimming if you are wearing contact lens, as goggles will prevent water from going into your eyes.
  5. Avoid AC/fan direct blow: It feels so relaxing to stand in front of AC/Coolers to delight in the chill air but direct air is not good for your contact lens as it will dry your eyes and your lens might fall off because of dryness. Plus, always keep some lubricating eye drops at hand.
  6. Splash with cold water: Whenever you come from outside, splash cold water into your eyes to relieve your contact lens from heat.
  7. Rose Water: a drop or two of chill rose water before sleeping will rejuvenate your eyes of all day exhaustion and fatigue.
  8. Take a break: It’s always better to give your eyes some break from contact lens. Whether it’s of few hours in the morning, one day a week, or for the entire weakened, break is must for your eyes to stay happy and healthy. 

Your eyes are nature’s greatest blessings, take care of them. Stay safe, stay beautiful!

Wearing contact lens in summer needs a lot more care and attention to save those delicate membranes from heat. Take care of your eyes, if you are wearing contact lens in summers!

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