Pouch bags are fashion item that have become an accessory of vogue over the last few years.

Well if you want to gift a birthday present to your friend and you need something to put that thing in it. Go for a pouch that is easy to make and easy to use.

We feel sometime that our mobile is having scratches due to our recklessness. Why not use some handmade pouches to protect them. They are fashionable and handy because of their size and decor. You can easily make them by yourself and use in variety of ways. There are lots of spare utensils and home accessories that can be used to make them in few minutes. Use a glaze paper or a piece of some funky cloth piece. You don’t even need expertise in stitching it, just use glue or sticky adhesive that is easily available in market.

If we take a look at Mughal art we can see pouches being used by Kings and Queens for holding delicate things or honoring a gift to someone. As a gift stylish pouches are also famous between the friends as well as lovers. 

You can make your pouch attractive by using your own aesthetic sense. Whether you decorate it with flowers, birds, musical instruments or romantic figures it totally depends on your inclination. Make glitter pouch gift tags using recycled bits and pieces. 

Pouch is not just a fashion symbol; it can also save your expensive jewellery from dust and loosing its shine and colour. It is a great thing for holding your chains, bracelets, rings and delicate jewellery while traveling or its safety at home.

You just need a glue scissor and piece of paper or cloth. Beautify it by adding different colors and some extra buttons, ribbons or laces that are easily available at your home.

Pouch is a multipurpose fashion item that is used to save your mobile, jewellery or you can also use it as a gift cover.

Handmade pouches not just add style to your accessories of daily use; they are also a symbol of your creativeness. Utilize extra things of your home and add some colour, fashion and new look to your gifts.




Pouch bags are fashion item that have become an accessory of vogue over the last few years.

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