Popping Zits, Tanning and Boozing

Problem Occurs when you get a Zit Before any Function:

It usually happens, we care our skin every single day but all of a sudden a zit comes out when we have to attend a big event. It is a big fat blemished pimple. We then try to avoid going to that party or tried to pop that zit with hope that swelling goes down in time that but in case we get a more swollen red bump on our face which looks uglier.

Possible Solutions: 

  1. If your pimple is deep and underneath your skin that may be feel like a small bump than do not pop it. Because a lot of damage like scaring and bleeding can happen if you pop your pimple too soon. The best and quick option is to hide your blemish with makeup. If your zit has not come to its head than with makeup you can hide it as a red bump can be easily conceal rather than to cover a wound or scar. Use a good quality dermatologically tested foundation or concealer (with benzoyl peroxide) to hide your zit.

  2. But if your pimple‘s pus gets visible under the skin. I mean if your blemish has come to its peek and you have at least three to four hours remain to attend your function then it’s better to pop it and remove all pus. But don’t squeeze directly your pimple; try to remove it in a decent way. First wrap your fingers with cotton and place one figure on each side of your zit and apply gentle pressure. With this it will take out easily. Squeeze your zit until all pus or liquid comes out and make your pimple clear.

  3. If you can’t pop your zit with fear of pain but still have consciousness regarding yourself then try to draw attention towards your other features. Do some gorgeous eye makeup with heavy eye lashes so everyone will focus on your eyes rather than your zit.

Tanning Bed v/s Tanning Outside:

Many people want to tan their skin, some goes directly under the sun without sunscreen and some takes tanning bed to get it artificially. The above both ways are not good for skin. Research said 10 minutes inside the tanning bed is equal to take sun exposure full day. And this direct way of absorbing UVA rays increases the risk of skin cancer. Especially before the age of 35, the risk of skin cancer gats 755 high. Moreover you may look more aged with tanning bed, can get wrinkles around your eyes, freckles and spotty skin tone. Same things can happen if you take sun bath without applying sun screen. 

Possible Solution:

If you must want to take sun bath then don’t sit inside box. Go out with some cloud covering and after applying some sunscreen lotion to avoid direct sun rays on your skin. And don’t sunburned yourself more than five times in your whole life otherwise the risk of skin cancer will get double.

Drinking Booze:

Alcohol is the worst drink among all drinks. Who gets addicted to it they put their life in severe diseases. Boozing is link to break capillaries, psoriasis, aging, dark circles under eyes, red eyes, and damage of lungs, damages your liver which helps to filter toxins in your body, inflammation and bloating etc. It can dehydrate your skin from the inside out.

Possible Solution:

I will not recommend you to take hard liquor instead of booze as with little up and down, frequent or habitual use of both drinks are bad enough to put you in different disease and end up to painful death. I will also not recommend you to switch to red wine as all these drinks are intoxicant and bad to health at any cost. It is better to divert yourself slowly towards energy drinks than to malts than to juices and water.

Here I am going to share some most common sins regarding beauty of skin in which popping and scratching a zit (pimple) instead of concealing it, taking tanning bed instead of tanning outside and drinking booze instead of drinking healthy drinks. Sharing h

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