Pink And Green Striped Manicure

Hundreds of nail arts and manicures have become life of many ladies. Plenty of women try new and unique nail art. Interesting point to note is that the trend of manicures and nail art is increasingly becoming popular. The way girls dress up the same nail color is observed in their nails. The nail color is always complimentary to the color and even design of the outfit.

Pink and green striped manicure is the new manicure that you must try. Paint your nails beautifully with the soft and pretty colors like green and pink. Mix up pretty soft pink nail shade with the bright sprinkling blue stripes. Make your hands marvelous and eye catchy by giving a try to this unique and colorful manicure. Check out how to get the pink and green striped manicure. Follow these steps and get pretty hands with colorful striped manicure. 

Before starting this manicure, shape and buff your nails. Clear off any residual nail polish. It is essential step to for the smooth application of funky and nature inspired colors. Enjoy the look of subtle colors with the splash of nature inspired flair. 

In order to achieve this funky look, you have to use three different and soft shades. You will require a shimmery baby pink color and pink rain drops as base and two shades of green for stripes. Make sure to choose two different shades of green one in lighter shade and other in darker shade. If you want to try this manicure at home, you will need a striping brush and a bottle of top coat. Taping method is old formula now. Try this new manicure by using striping brush. The striping brush can be found easily at any art or craft store.

After clearing off residual nail paint and buffing, apply base coat nail paint. Next apply two coats of pink rain drops and leave it to dry for ten minutes. Now smash the darker green color for making stripes. Use stripping brush. Dip stripping brush in bottle of dark green nail paint and start making stripes on index nail and middle nail. 

Draw a strip by using stripping brush by starting from the cuticle to the tip of your nail. Do remember to make stripes on the center of middle nail first to avoid getting any paint residue on the skin. To make it more attractive and different, draw lines in different styles. Leave one line that doesn’t meet in the center. Repeat the same procedure on each nail. It is your choice whether you make this nail art on every nail or on just three nails. Then leave it to dry. 

Now it’s time to apply second shade of green for organic look. Clean off the brush by using acetone. Outline initial stripes with lighter shade of green. It’s your choice what green shade you want to highlight. vLet it dry for ten minutes. After complete dry, finish your manicure with the top coat. Get the nature inspired pretty manicure to make your hands beautiful. You will feel pride in getting professional manicure at home by following abovementioned steps.

Paint your nails beautifully with soft and pretty colors. It is your choice whether your go for lighter shades of green and pink or darker shades. For smooth and soft look, light colors are ideal while for funky manicure go for darker shades.

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