Personal style tips

Know your body type and your favourite colours: Every Pakistani has a particular shape and the only way to discover is to see which dress suits you. Before buying, try out colours in clothes, shoes, bags and other personal items which bring the good or worse in you.

 A popular way to create your own personal style in
 1. Pakistan is to categorize individual colouring by four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn.
 2. Recognise your style preferences: This personal style tip believes that your lifestyle will in some measure affect your individual style. In case of classic, romantic or dramatic personality, you must stick to timeless tastes, beautiful clothing and bold attires.
3. Develop your style without any barriers: To create personal style, you don’t need to be expensive. Never pay full price. When you buy clothes, look for sales in outlet malls and regular malls and you will save money. Consignment stores are better options.
4. Accessories are essential: This personal style tip suggest that you express yourself by stretching your wardrobes. To create personal style, Pakistani accessories are another way to express yourself and stretch your wardrobe. You can wear the same outfit but change the accessories, and it will look like a completely different outfit. Any Pakistani girl can accessorise herself with glamorous jewellery, stiletto heels, and a little clutch purse etc.
5. Be selective: For personal style, be choosy and if someone gives you something that is not flattering, do genuinely thank the giver for their thoughtfulness, but don’t hang onto that item.
6. Keep on changing: Be experimental and try out new things. To create personal style, cut your hair in a new style. Play around with new makeup colours. This personal style tip says that you try on an article of clothing that seems completely out of character.
7. Be ruthless: To create personal style, leave old things behind, if you don’t love any piece, get rid of it! You are probably not wearing it anyway, and your storage space is too valuable to waste on clutter!

Every Pakistani wants to look unique and different and be a role model for his or her friends and family. Follow these personal style tips and become a successful and confident Pakistani.

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