Permanent Makeup: Do or Don’t?

Every female, it seems, is in a competition to look more beautiful than other and for this purpose she uses makeup as her beauty-enhancer. Makeup is an art to enhance the beauty. Applying makeup daily is very time consuming. Do you want to save your precious time and want to have perfect makeup when you wake up in morning? Do you want your makeup to remain fresh when you go for swim, have a run, perspire or shower? Then you can go with permanent makeup technique.

Nowadays permanent makeup has become popular. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique of injecting color pigments under the skin that resembles makeup such as eye lining, lips color, eyebrows and skin of face. This technique can be used on face and on other parts of body. It results in enhanced features of face and also makes it more expressive and attractive. Permanent makeup is time saving and wherever you go your makeup would not smudge or run of.

What are the Permanent makeup do’s or don’ts?

This question clicks in mind because permanent makeup is the pigmentation of dermis. A beautician would suggest you to use permanent makeup only when you need it. You can use permanent makeup to produce artificial eyebrows.

It can be used particularly by those people who have lost their eyebrow as a consequence of old age, any disease or genetic disturbance. It can also be used to disguise scars and white spots in the skin (vitiligo). Besides its advantages there are certain risks of permanent makeup. While you go for this technique you must be aware of risks.

Permanent eyebrows makeup

Permanent eyebrows makeup makes it possible to shape them according to your taste and also masks the scars or sparsely growing hair. But you have to take a lot of care of your eyebrows. You have to correct hair growth line according to the eyebrow shape that you have now.

Permanent lips makeup

Permanent lips makeup makes lips and contours more expressive and attractive. It also masks small scars and pigment spots. It also attaches color to your lips but permanent lips makeup is the most painful procedure. The skin of lips is very thin and it is the most sensitive area of the face because there are a great number of blood vessels and nerve endings in lips.

Permanent eyelids makeup

It produces the effect of thick eyelashes that is a desire of every woman. It corrects women’s eye form and depth. You can also add colors to eyelids to make it more expressive. But keep one thing in mind that permanent makeup will not remove earlier than half a year minimum.  

You must avoid permanent makeup if you actually don’t need it. It’s most important benefit is that you can apply makeup of your choice wherever and whenever you go. If you are going to use permanent makeup, you should take into account the fact that during long time period makeup changes with fashion.

Everyone is familiar that fashion varies time to time. Temporary makeup is easily removable and you can apply different variety of stylish makeup whenever you want.  You must wear your normal makeup.

Permanent makeup must be avoided because as fashion changes, priorities of people towards makeup also changes and you would not be able to get rid of this makeup earlier than half a year minimum.

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