Peacock Eye Makeup

Peacock eye makeup is one the sexiest makeup as you can play as much as you want with all the bright colors, so HANDS ON approach is best suitable for peacock eye makeup. Choice of colors is once again very important and learn the tricks GIRLS to make your glimpse very irresistible. Peacock eye makeup has always given the girls a very sexy and attractive look. Those who want to jazz up their look and completely change their dull eyes into sharp ones can make use of green and purples but you have use the best shade that will complement your complement.

Makeup has now undoubtedly become one of the essentials for women of today although heavy makeup is out of date. Here’s is  latest  example of  peacock eye makeup, because peacock eye makeup is known to be in style and depicts the boldness in a woman. Model Karlie Kloss when attending the annual Met and for her makeup, she went brave as in green-and-purple peacock eyes and hot candy pink lips.

Artists, models, actors  are now a day’s all inspired by peacock eye makeup and its colors as they are taken by nature. Take some inspiration from a beautiful animal “peacock” and then using brilliant blue and green, purple and yellow to create a vibrant peacock eye shadow look.

Green and blue peacock shades are great because you can be going with bold colors and softer ones at the same time. You can use hints of the sparkling colors to pump up the traditional look . peacock eye makeup can provide your eyes with a truly indistinguishable make up if you play wisely with colors. The basic  key colors for a peacock eye makeup are present in the feather of a peacock but also bronze and purple.

The choice of makeup products is also very important as it should provide the right kind of shade so go for either Nars  or MAC, two popular  brands that are guaranteed to give you the color pop that you want. These brands also supply all the shades for peacock eye makeup look. Here are the step-by-step instructions which will definitely help to attain pretty eyes:

You will need the following for pretty peacock eyes, these might help:

1. yellow, green, purple, dark blue, orange, pink eye shadows

2. Black eyeliner

3. Mascara

4. Shimmery white eyeshadow or matte skin tone eyeshadow

Emphasizing your eyes is quite easy but many women many a times ignore its importance so if your mirror gives you a dull look so this is the time for peacock colors. This will provide a makeover to brighten up your eyes.

There is no doubt that huge amount or variety of makeup does not always create a good look but appropriate colors allow us to attain beautiful and sultry peacock eye makeup.

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