NYFW Trend To Try: The Orange Lip

A person who is always looking for new and latest styles there is alert news that orange is a huge trend. This is beauty trend of 2014. The orange shade was spotted hugely in New York fashion week. Orange has been the color of New York fashion week and many famous designers and makeup artists used this hue in their collections and makeup. From outfits and sandals to lips color, orange was everywhere.

The biggest buzz of New York fashion week is bright orange lips. For the first time in any fashion show buzz was not about clothing. It was the orange color that has flocked on runways. Models in New York fashion week were having orange lips and nails. The orange color also complimented with black and white floral dresses. The celebrities with different skin tone rocked on runways with orange lips pop while wearing white and black floral print dresses.

This citrus color crush is sparked by notable makeup artist Gucci westman by inspiring from Brazil world cup. The bright orange color is the first bold look which the designers and makeup artists used in any show. According to makeup artists pink and red shades are old. Red is too pretty and pink is too sweet. So they chose bright orange shade to capture the attention of people. 

The best thing about orange shade is that it compliments with all skin tones. This color perfectly complimented all the various skin tones of models in New York fashion week. Red color is considered the most important shade in women life. A woman can’t think to have gorgeous looks until she has red lips. But now orange shade has taken the place of red. Orange is the shade which seems to be universally flattering. In beauty aisle orange is the most debatable shade.

Have you tried orange lipstick? A beauty trend to try is orange lipstick. Now this is time for you to go with orange lips. You can choose matte orange lipstick or glossy lipstick. Choice is yours. Give a try to orange lips. The coming fashion is about versatility and creativity. So be bold and look stylish by adopting latest fashion. A pop of orange hue is striking and playful. Orange comes in multitude of shades. Here are some important considerations while applying orange lipstick.

Make sure the orange color you choose works for your skin tone. If you have warm and medium complexion, go for bolder shades of orange. If you have pale skin, go for pastel oranges or orange with little touch of red. If your complexion is dark then stick with orange which contain deep brown or red base. 

Make sure to apply minimum makeup while going for orange lipstick. Opt for natural lid or simple swipe of your favorite mascara. Keep your dress hue in mind while applying orange lipstick. Orange lipstick looks best on black, white, emerald green shade.

So will your pout is going to be orange this season?

Welcome orange lip trend add this powerful tangerine pout in your daily routine. I would suggest you some tips that you must keep in your mind when you give this trend of orange lips a whirl.

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