Nurses and their Nails

Special measures are taken around the world to keep the hygienic conditions to the optimum level in the hospitals and other health care facilities. Right from the day of the training, all the doctors, paramedical staff and the managerial staff are taught about keeping the hospitals and the equipment clean.

However, the personal hygiene of the personnel at the hospitals is even more important. The people who handle the patients and the equipment directly should take special care in keeping their own hygiene optimum, so that they don’t get to transfer any kind of infection to the patients in any way.

The personal hygiene of the female nursing staff is of utmost importance, because they are likely to transfer the infections through their hands and over-grown nails. The under training nurses are not allowed to grow their nails out of the nail beds all around the world, nor are they allowed to wear artificial nails. They are taught to pay attention to their nail care; but once they complete their training and start professional careers, many of them overlook the importance of the restriction of nail prevention and start wearing or grow their natural nails, which is hazardous for the patients and themselves as well.

Nail Fungus

Since the nurses are exposed to many unhygienic conditions at the health care centers, they are likely to catch nail fungus or other nail diseases. Sub-standard nail care in such cases will lead to their own health issues and will become problematic for the patients and other staff at the hospitals as well.

Multiplying bacteria in the nails

Over-grown nails of the female nursing staff at the hospitals can become favorable for the multiplication of the bacteria. Since the hands are used to do all the work, it is not possible to keep them clean and sanitized all the time, which shows the importance of nail prevention. Bacteria start to grow and multiply inside the nails, which causes infection and leads to diseases causing more trouble for the patients.

Over-grown nails can cause bruises

Nail prevention at the health facilities should be taken into account at the managerial levels as well, since they can add to the problems of the patients. The nurses while changing the bandages and giving injections can cause unwanted bruises if they have over-grown nails or are wearing fake nails. Such bruises might get infected and create more trouble.

Hazardous for self

Over-grown or fake nails of the nurses can cause serious trouble for themselves as well. Improper nail care might be a cause of bacteria growing inside the nails or they might be likely to catch other infections. In such cases, using your hands to eat and carry out other personal hygienic activities can cause diseases in the nurses as well.

In order to stay away from trouble and perform your duties with utmost responsibility, it is essential that the nurses do not grow their nails out of their bed or wear fake nails so that they do get themselves or somebody else into trouble.

Nurses should take special care of hands and nails because over-grown nails can cause infections. Improper nail care might be hazardous at hospitals.

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