New Nail Trend: Textured Polishes

Nail art has been in fashion for last few years but the new buzz in world of fashion is about textured nail paints. When it comes to nails, the texture is in trend. The new nail trend is 3D that will make your digits look gorgeously pretty. The new textured trend is all about creativity.

Textured nail trend can only be achieved by adding texture to regular manicure or matte nail polish. Fuel the fire of self expression and individualism by giving illusion of texture to your nails. Textured can range from matte nail polishes and jewels decals to glitter particles and holographic effect.  

Velvet nail paint:

Accentuate your nails with velvety texture exactly similar to your dress fabric. Velvety texture nail polishes are available in different beautiful shades. Paint on double coat of nail paint and then dust on crush velvet. Along with matte nail paint and luxurious crush velvet, a small black brush is also provided to dust off excessive velvety particles to give neat finishing look. Have chic nails in variety of beautiful shades.

Feather nail paint:

Feather nail polish will give your nails a texture of feathers. This nail paint contains feather like small particles suspended in clear coating base. When it dries, it gives a bit texture to your nails. For more impactful and glamorous nails, apply two coats of dark hues on your nails before applying feather inspired nail paint.      

Flaky glitter nail paint:

Feel like glittering and glistening princess. Add glittery touch to your nails with spark flakes. Spark flaky glittery nail paint are not new. Top coat of glitter texture manis looks absolutely amazing on dark hue of nail paint. Coating with glittery flakes will bring a life to darker nail colors which you considered useless.   

Beads nails:

How would you feel to apply colorful candy like 3D pearls on your nails? Multicolor will give you 3D incarnation. You can make this creative look simply. To give this look, apply two coats of light shade of nail color and then sprinkle multicolor beads over wet nails. For better lasting, end up by covering your nails with thin layer of topcoat. The multicolor candy look will make your nails look like as you have dipped your nails in candies. 

Liquid sand nail paint:

Go crazy with liquid sand nail paints. Liquid sand nail paint is similar to traditional and classy matte nail paints with smooth sparkly glitter. Your nails will look textured and three dimensional yet smooth. You will instantly grab attention with this eye catching smooth liquid sand nail paints. 

Speckled nail paint:

Speckled nail polish is the amalgam of black and silver circular matte glitter pieces and matte nail paint. This shiny crystal glittery pieces floating in nail paint will give your nails a diamond like effect. The glittery look is more an illusion instead of actual texture. There would be little bumpiness after drying which is less textured as compared to other textured nail paints discussed above. 

For long lasting effect do remember to apply top layer on your nails. When apply textured nail paints, make sure to have an extra remover handy. It is harder task to remove the textured nail paints and left some residue.

Welcome the new nail trend - textured nails. Be more creative, chic and stylish by applying textured nail polishes. You will be noticed everywhere with textured nail paints as they will fuel up the fire of individualism and self expression.

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