Nails abnormalities & their causes!

Although majority of women don’t care much about their nails but nails are our personality statement. As nails depicts our personal hygiene and cleanliness, healthy looking nails means that you care about your nails and safe from nail abnormalities and any type of nail diseases. There are numerous reasons of nail abnormalities and nail diseases for example excessive work in water, use of chemical detergents, carelessness from your personal hygiene and nail care etc.
Nail abnormalities and nail diseases mean any change in shape, color, texture or size of your nail. Some of the common nail diseases are nail infection, koilonychias, onycholtysis, white nail syndrome, brittle nails or fungus in nails
These most common nail abnormalities and nail diseases are caused by crush in the base of the nail or a permanent deforming in the nail bed, harsh rubbing of the skin around the nails, long term exposure to water, moisture or excessive use of nail polish. Some other factors may also cause nails abnormalities and nails diseases like infections in nails, benign or malignant tumors or chronic renal failure.
A normal and healthy nails are firm, flexible and shiny like pink in color. The surface of normal nails must be smooth, curved and unspotted. Anyhow, to keep away your nails from above mentioned nails abnormalities and nails diseases, you must follow these tips:

Nail Care Tips:

  • Keep your mails clean and dry
  • Keep your nail short
  • Avoid nail biting
  • Do not remove your nail polish with teeth or any harsh thing, use nail polish remover
  • Avoid regular or excessive use of nail polish
  • Wear gloves when you are doing kitchen work or house work
  • Avoid products which contain alcohol to prevent your nails from dryness
  • Take food which contains fatty acids. It will strengthen your nails
  • You may also take vitamin A&E. they are great for nails and hair
  • Do manicure and pedicure once in a week to make your nail clean healthy & shiny

If you see any severe changes in your nails shape, skin or texture then you must seek treatment from a dermatologist

Nails are very important part of our body. They are the symbol of our hands beauty. A healthy and shiny nails not only depicts your personal cleanliness and hygiene but grab other’s attention also

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