Nail Trend for Eid ul Azha 2013

The nail trend has become one of the hottest trends and woman loves to follow the latest nail trends. The nail trend has always fascinated woman and every time they want a change by applying different kind of design on the nails. Nail trend is new in Pakistan but woman loves it and for every occasion they want to apply a new nail technique.
In this piece of writing we will talk about some new designs of nail trends for Eid UL Azha 2103. Time is passing and everyone around is busy in Eid preparation. Woman focus is on clothes, shoes, jewelry and of course makeup too.  On this auspicious event there are many new nail trends for Eid UL Azha 2013.
Many of us still don’t know much about nail art. It is the way to make the nails look beautiful. You give a royal look to your nails by different techniques. There are many new nail trends for Eid UL Azha 2013, try one to make your Eid a memorable one.  Let’s focus on nail trends for Eid UL Azha 2013 Eid is all about wearing different colors, hands are the most prominent part of the body. You can give a new, different and fashionable looks to your hands by applying nail art. Nail art can change the look of your hands.  On this Eid try out new nail trends to look stylish. Hands are very important when it comes to beauty so take care of them, never ignore them.
One of the nail trends for Eid UL Azha 2013 could be that you experience with some odd colors. There are many colors which we don’t ever think to use but sometimes they look great when they are worn with specific kinds of dresses. On this Eid you can use different colors and see how they look.  Use odd colors with simple base colors they will look amazing. Mix soft colors with dark one to make a change. To make your nails prominent you can use stencils, they will make your nails look professionally done and your hands will look chic.
The other nail trend for Eid UL Azha 2013 could be that you start jazzing up colors. This is a new and different style in nail art.  In this trend you just do nail art in a specific way that its looks very vibrant and full of life.  You can use a base color and then you can use different dark colors and make a rainbow or a flower on the nail. This way you can enhance the beauty of your dress.  Girls who think that there Eid dress is very simple they can do this and they can make themselves look very sparkly.  The very popular nail trend for Eid could be the spiral designs. This design is so far very popular among young girls. This is a very simple one; all you have to do is to highlight one portion of the nail with white and start making spirals with black color. For the edges you can use some darker color of your own choice.
It is the fact that everyone is not good at making designs so the easiest nail trend for Eid UL Azha 2013 could be the polka dot one.  Everyone can easily do it, from young to older woman.  Just use black as the base color when it gets dry start putting up dots with white color and you are done. For the protection, use transparent nail color.
The other nail trend for Eid UL Azha could be using pale nails. In Pakistan every woman doesn’t want to wear bright nail colors so for them pale nails are the best option. You can use pale color and make some flower on the nail with one bright color. This way your hands will look decent and you can also enjoy the special occasion.

The nails trend technique is amazing; it gives life to the hand, dull and dry hands look charming after nail art is done on them. Nail trends for Eid Ul azha 2013 are very special and simple. Ladies will feel amazing after getting the nail art.

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