Nail Salon at your Home!


You don’t have to go to a salon for pampering your nails when setting up one at your home is easy. Follow the tips to get beautiful healthy nails.

Nails are of utmost importance when it comes to the beautification of your hands. Healthy and beautiful nails can surely contribute to the overall image of your personality. Healthy nails can even depict your overall health condition, so you should take special care of your nails and take good care of them.

Pampering the nails is the most important step in a manicure or a pedicure. However, you don’t always have to go to salon for that. How about setting up a nail salon right here in your bedroom! Yes, you can readily do that and we will help you with that. You just have to follow a few tips.

Always file your nails in a slightly squared oval shape. This “squoval” shape looks good for all nails. Even if you have long slim artistic fingers or a little chubby hands, this shape is all good for all types.
Never file the nails too deeply into the sides. You might damage the nail bed by doing that. The nails will also become brittle and tend to break soon from the edges.

Always keep a pair of old fine nylon tights in your kit. Just run your nails over the tights after filing, so as to make sure that the tips are ultra smooth and not snagging.

You should always apply the nail color in three broad strokes. First stroke in the middle of the nail, and the other two should be applied on either side of the nail. This will make the color spread out evenly on the nail.

Instead of applying one thick coat, try applying two thin coats of the nail color. This will help the color dry out fast.

While applying the nail color, always use the whole brush to apply and not just the tip of the brush. Using the tip only, applies uneven thick coat and forms air bubbles on the nail.

Want to dry the nail color even faster…?! Try dipping your nails in ice cold water right after applying the nail color. This will set the color in its place and will help dry it fast.

Always take care of your nails yourself if you want that manicured look all the time. You can rub olive oil or almond oil on your nails daily before going to bed. This really is good nourishment for your nails and it also gives a beautiful shiny look.

Last but not the least; you can sweep the white nail pencil under the edges to get that cool instant French manicure look.

You don't have to go to a salon for pampering your nails when setting up one at your home is easy. Follow the tips to get beautiful healthy nails.

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