Nail Colour Fashion Trends Are Bold

The most exotic nail colour fashion has taken over this era of the nail colour fashion trends. Before this era of nail colour fashion, the brides use to have their nails painted in red or simple French manicure which spells elegance, simplicity and clean appearance. For everyone the wedding nails meant neat and clean manicure or simple red.  Nails were supposed to be long and square cut for the wedding day to give a classic look to the hands of the bride which also gave a refined and sophisticated look.

Like all other trends the nail’s fashion has also taken a bend and has gone towards a different direction. The brides specially in the eastern parts of the world paint their nails red or in bright colours, some of the brides match the colour of the nails with their dress, but in western parts of the world the brides opt for more subtle colours such as beige or a neutral pink so that their nails look neat and less dramatic.

Like every woman has a diverse choice of colours like wise there is diversity in the choice of nail colour the brides opt for their big day. These days’ darker colours are preferred for the wedding; which includes deep purple, cold shades of red and burgundy and shades of bright pink. These hues make a bold statement that can be a perfect complement to the theme of a wedding. The choice of brighter colours is suited for women with shorter fingers because it gives the illusion of more length.

The taboo against the nail colours and the wedding nails is no longer there and you can definitely feel free to try shades you never would have considered for your wedding day. But make sure you experiment a few days before the big day. No matter what colour you decide on, nail experts agree on two things:  nails should be shorter, and hands should be neater.  Women today tend to have a more practical view of nails than they did just a few decades ago.  They need to be able to type, take care of children, and work without having their nails interfere.

Shorter nails are increasingly popular for this reason, and because they look neater and more tidy and tend to be more efficient in day to day life.  Whether you choose orange, dark purple, or beige, the effect is ruined by hang nails or cuticles.  Beginning well before the wedding, take care of your hands and nails to ensure that they look their best on your best day.

Nail colours and nail's fashion for weddings have diversity in them with the new fashion trends of the era.

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