Nail Art Salons in Pakistan

Nail care is among those ancient trends which could be traced back to ancient Egyptians who utilized the art for the purpose of reputation and status. In recent times, during 19th century it became an integral part of fashion and glamour. Europeans are usually recognized to resurrect this art in modern times. Start of 20th century witnessed an unprecedented popularity of nail arts, thankfully to glamorous Hollywood movies.
In today’s time nails hold as much importance as any physical feature. Innovative minds further enhanced the value and need of nail arts by introducing creative and artistic trends like crystals, air brushing, 3D,nail wraps, magnetic polish and list goes on.
In Pakistan nail arts is although limited too few but it is continuously gaining popularity especially among new generation and professional women. The Pakistani fashion market provides various artistic and creative nail art services and accessories to its clients. Number of different salons are opened which offer the services throughout the Pakistan. These salons often uses different words like decorating, finger painting or simply nail arts to make them look unique which may result in attracting more customers, but realistically all of these salons offer same service, only different names. Almost every major city has dozens of such salons which speaks about the volume of popularity nail arts is receiving in Pakistan.
Nail arts is still in its transitional phase in Pakistan and available at major cities of country but the by the courtesy of social media revolution, it’s also in demand in relatively smaller cities and towns. Lot of local salons and international brands are using social media to attract more customers. Their presence at Facebook and on other social networking can be seen.
In Pakistan nail art is now considered among one of fastest growing fashion trends. These luxuries of enjoying the lime light have pushed people to invest in this sector. Many salons are already offering the services of nail decorating and many more are opening up. Different designs and option of using your favorite colour depending on your age, status and personality are offered in these salons.
In Karachi alone there are dozens of salons which offer nail Decoration and if you are happen to live in Karachi and have desire to have your nails done then salons like Sab’s, N-PRO and Alle’Nora by Aliya Tipu won’t be bad place to visit. Lahorites are not far behind Karachi when it comes to nail care salons. Likes of Depilex, Maram & Aabroo and Hidaqa Kiyani signature salon offer its clients the services of finger printing.
Signature salon run by Aliya Farooq is rather popular among many nail arts admirers. It is one such salon that provides numerous designs. Animal images, flowered styles and fuzzy motifs are a good number of in trend currently. Other than that I just now launched a brand new marbled design that’s furthermore getting valued by my buyers, says aesthetician Aliya Farooq, who retains testing and bringing out new styles at her salon.
Most of quality salons charges somewhere between Rs1000 to Rs 5000 with option of adding extra long Acrylic nails, which can further cost Rs3500 .The amount being charged by these salons are among the reasons which is holding back many women to head towards such salons, but hopefully, by the passage of time prices will come down considerably.
High streets of major Cities have number of shops which provides nail accessories to its clients. These accessories are "MUST HAVE” for the ones who are into nail arts. Industry is at developing state at a moment and all the signs hint it getting only more visible and stronger in Pakistan. Competitive atmosphere among different brands and availability of numerous varieties speaks of the amount of appreciation this art is gaining in Pakistan.

Human race always strived to find the ways which could enhance their outlook. Be it ancient times of our ancestors or modern and robust era of today.

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