Most Outrageous Manis From New York Fashion Week

Get crazy with outrageous manis evolved from New York Fashion Week. You can find a lot of creativity, novelty and uniqueness in fashion introduced in New York Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week introduced surprising and interesting manicures that would distinguish you from others by just their uniqueness and creativity. The designers in New York Fashion Week are recognized for their intricate designs. Designers worked with top manicurists and nail brands to come up with latest and outrageous nail designs. Here we picked some most bold and eye catching nails manicures from New York Fashion Week ranging from emoticon themes to horror themes.  These manicures are so craziest and bold that you have never seen before. Try these daring manis from New York Fashion Week.

1.Textured nails are huge in trend. New York Fashion Week brought a number of nail trends including textured.  King gold shade with colorful gems placed properly and carefully on the nails gives stunning look. The Libertine mani with golden base embellished colorful gems is like earrings which were hugely popular in 90’s. Colorful gems on gold shade added glitz and glam to the looks of exotic models on runway. The colorful gems and golden base used by designers was matched with the outfits of the models. 

2. Some models wore playful emoticons on their nails. Models in new York Fashion Week were having emoticons on their nails. It is easiest to get this manicure. Models drew not only smiley faces but many other emoticons on their nails to make this look more creative.  

3. Glitter tips were seen on New York Fashion Week. Models rocked the runways with bold glittery tips with bright and darker base coats.  

4. The 3D studs, chains, rhinestones were used on nails of models. These designs can simply stand out as weapons. The 3D metal chains, studs and rhinestones on nails were bold and outrageous. 

5.The simplest yet dazzling and incredible manicure is window pane design that is spotted on short nails of many gorgeous models in New York Fashion Week.

6. The awe-inspiring nail trend introduced in NYFW was spike art that was so beautifully and uniformly designed as well complicated. This mani was reflection of modern art and is a master piece that is hardly to understand. The colorful spirals on nails with neatness and beauty are indeed a masterpiece.

7. The glamorous combination of black, silver and gray created the edgy look of half moon. The half moon in silver nail hue on darker black nails created style statement on the nails of stunning models on runways.

8. Circle tipped nails by using darker shades created a sense of individualism in models. The combination of bright colors and circle tip individualistically explained the beauty of models and creativity of designers as well as manicurists.

9. Pyramid golden studs on long dark hue nails created and expand the glamour on runway. Models wore long almond shade nails decorated with pyramid golden stud in the center of each nail.

Checkout the list of some most bold and incredible nail art designs evolved from NYFW. Have a look at pleasantly surprising and interesting manicure ideas introduced by brilliant designers in NYFW.

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